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Mar 152019

We were on the go all day yesterday, from the time we got out of bed until sometime close to 8 PM, when we finally managed to settle into our recliners and relax in front of the boob tube for a while.

I started the day with an appointment with Doctor Rob Kent at Coastal Pain and Neurology Center in Ormond Beach. It was a follow-up to the injections he gave me back in December in my sacroiliac (SI) joints and in a facet joint to help ease my back pain. Since several doctors have told me I’m not a candidate for surgery, I know the problem is never going to go away. But between the injections, the medical marijuana oil, and regular visits with Meloney Thomas, my chiropractor at Coastal Integrative Healthcare, things are tolerable and I’m able to function pretty well. As I told Dr. Kent yesterday, compared to a year ago when I was hobbling around on two canes and eating pain pills like M&M’s just to take the edge off, I feel like a new man. I still have some bad episodes now and then, but if I could just maintain this level I would be happy.

Beverly called while we were in the doctor’s office to say that she just got a phone call informing her that she had an appointment for an MRI in Port Orange at 2:15. This was the last step needed before she can start her infusions for her rheumatoid arthritis. It was a little after noon then, so as soon as we were done with the doctor we were on the road headed back home to change vehicles and pick her up. My Mustang, purchased in early December, still has less than 500 miles on it and we had driven it to my appointment. It was 35 miles back home, and Terry kept assuring me that we had plenty of time. I knew we did, but when you’ve got a new Mustang you have to drive a little bit fast, right? No really, you do.

We were home long enough for a potty stop, then we loaded Bev in the Explorer, since getting in the low-slung Mustang would be just about impossible for her, and we went back to Port Orange for her appointment. It only took about an hour from the time we arrived until she was finished, so we decided to go to Culver’s for a late lunch/early dinner, or as RVers call it, linner.

We first discovered Culver’s when we were fulltime RVers and have been to their restaurants all over the country. When it comes to fast food, they can’t be beat in our opinion.

Beverly had never been on a pier over the ocean, so once we were done eating, we went to Sunglow Fishing Pier to cross that off her bucket list. It was a beautiful day with a light wind blowing, just enough to keep it comfortable. I was surprised that with Bike Week going on the beach wasn’t very crowded. I did get a couple of pictures looking North and South from out on the pier.

I even got a picture of a couple of beach bunnies. Or maybe in this case, pier bunnies?

After hanging out on the pier for a while we decided to head back home, but not without a stop at Dairy Queen in New Smyrna Beach for dessert. Terry had a buy one/get one free coupon for Blizzards, so that’s what we got. We really like their Strawberry Blizzard with Ghirardelli chocolate chunks.

With our tummies more than full, our last stop was at Publix supermarket to pick up a few things. By the time we got home it was after 7 PM and we were more than ready to call it an evening.

We have to be up and at it again this morning, since Terry and I both have fasting blood draws at LabCorp here in Edgewater. When we are done with that, if the weather cooperates, we may drive down to Titusville and give Beverly a tour of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. She’s never seen an alligator in the wild, and I think it’s about time she did, don’t you?

One final thing before I close today. On our way home yesterday, the odometer on our 2005 Ford Explorer hit 137,000 miles, and that doesn’t include the 50,000 plus miles we towed in behind our motorhome. And it’s still running great. I guess they really do build them Ford tough!

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Thought For The Day – I am responsible for what I say. I am not responsible for what you understand.

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  1. I am impressed that you are helping Beverly. Thank you. I hope that I would be as generous as you. Max.

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