Jan 022019

So, how did you start your new year? Nursing a hangover? Watching parades and football games? Doing chores around the house or the RV? Or just enjoying the last day of the holiday season with family and friends?

We had a slow start to the new year. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t busy. I spent most of the day working on my new Big Lake book, which I should be wrapping up in the next day or so. I’d like to say I might get it finished today, but I have an appointment at the VA medical clinic in Daytona Beach this afternoon, so I doubt I’ll get much accomplished.

While I was writing, Terry was writing checks to pay our monthly bills, and then she began warping the yarn for a couple of new weaving projects. I told her she’ll probably get everything ready to go on those just about the time I hand her the manuscript for the new book to edit and proofread. It always seems to work out that way for some reason.

Several people have asked if we are going to the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa, which will be held January 16-20. I’m not sure if we’ll make it or not because we have several things going on this month. I know that our friends John and Kathy Huggins from Living the RV Dream will be there on Saturday, the 19th holding an informal meet and greet at the big pavilion sometime around noon. If we can get down there it would be nice to see everybody’s smiling faces.

Speaking of RV shows, the RV Miles website has a list of RV shows nationwide for 2019, with dates and locations. You can check it out at the link in this paragraph.

People always ask me if they really can save money by purchasing an RV at a show . No, you can’t, no matter what the salesmen tell you. Those “special show prices” are no cheaper than you can buy the rig for off the dealer’s lot the week before or the week after the show. In fact, sometimes they actually mark the units way up just so they can “slash” the price and give you that “special show deal” that you just can’t pass up.

John and Kathy Huggins have an excellent page on their website that anybody going to an RV show should take the time to read ahead of time. In fact, you might want to print it out and take it with you. It’s full of tips on how to prepare for the show, how to dress comfortably, what to bring with you, shopping for RVs and RV accessories, and more.

While you’re on John and Kathy’s website, do yourself a favor and stop at their online bookstore and order a copy of their books So, You Want To Be an RVer? and So, You Want To Be A Workamper? Both are jampacked with valuable information every RVer and workcamper can use, brought to you by people who have actually done it all. Whether you’ve been in the RV world for five days or five years, I guarantee you will learn things from both books.

Thought For The Day – If a person truly wants to be with you, nothing can keep them away. And if they don’t want you, nothing can make them stay.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

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  1. Hi Nick, Thanks for the plug(s)

  2. Happy New Year to you and Terry! Will definitely check out the Huggins info on RV shows and their book. We’re headed to San Antonio today to check out the RV show going on this weekend.

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