Seeing Some Results

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Jan 112019

After reading a post a while back where I said I have lost 20+ pounds, some readers wanted to know what kind of diet I was on. I’m not on any formal diet, I have just stopped eating the junk food I love so much and cut back on snacks, stopped eating ice cream and drinking chocolate milk (two things I love), and I’m walking a mile a day on the treadmill.

No, I’m not going to abandon everything I like to eat, and I’m darned sure not going to start eating salads and carrot sticks. I’m just trying to be more sensible about how much I eat and staying away from the things that pack on the pounds. That’s not to say that I don’t occasionally allow myself a little treat, I’m just doing it on a much smaller scale and not nearly as frequently as I have done in the past.

And I’m starting to see some results. I’ve lost 34 pounds total, and when I went to the doctor on Wednesday to ask about the reaction I was having to the pioglitazone diabetes medicine that they put me on a week earlier, when I stepped on their scale I had lost 7½ pounds just since the 29th. And to add to that good news, my A1c, which was up around eight is now down to 6.3. After reviewing everything, the doctor told me that not only should I stop taking the pioglitazone, I should stop taking any diabetic meds for the next three months and see how things go.

My stamina has also improved quite a bit. When I started out on the treadmill a few months ago, when my back was hurting so bad, with the speed at 1 to1.5, I would have to stop after a quarter-mile and take a break before I got back on. And stop a couple more times before I got the mile in. Now I am doing it with the speed set at 3, and I can usually go the whole time without having to take a break. I know that’s nothing for folks who spend a lot of time at the gym. But for an old fat man like me, I’ll take it.

Moving on, after reading yesterday’s blog titled Greg Says He’s Still Alive, in which I talked about the three times people started saying I was dead based on misinformation or speculation, I got an email from long time reader and fulltime RVer Doug McPherson telling me about something that happened when he was in high school. Doug said that at the time he had a red 1968 Firebird, and after being out one Saturday night doing the kind of things that teenagers do, he rolled into the driveway just in time for his midnight curfew ad found his parents and siblings getting into the family car in tears.

Apparently there had been a bad accident two hours earlier in which two teenagers were killed while drag racing in a red car. Somebody they knew saw the police working the accident scene and went to his parents’ house to give them the bad news that he had been killed. They called the police, and all the dispatcher could tell them was that yes, there had been an accident involving young people and that there were fatalities, and to stand by until an officer came to talk to them. When nobody came within the hour they called again, and the same dispatcher told them that she had passed their information on to officers on the scene and someone would be there to talk to them. After a second hour had passed, they decided they were going to go to the scene of the accident, and if they couldn’t find anything out there, they were going to go to the hospital and the police station to get some answers.

Can you imagine the hell those poor people must have gone through during those two hours? As a parent, I can’t. There was a saying back during World War II that “loose lips sink ships.” Loose lips can also give people a lot of heartache when they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

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Thought For The Day – I am at that awkward stage where my fat clothes don’t fit well anymore because they are so loose, and my skinny clothes are too tight to wear.

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  4 Responses to “Seeing Some Results”

  1. Jim Tidball If you keep up the good work on the weight lose you can be one of the models for the FitTea ad that came up with this post. All you will need is a tattoo.

  2. I’m jealous!!!

  3. Having lost a lot of weight years ago I remember the feeling of loosing all that weight. When you see the results it soon becomes an Obsession where you push yourself further. You also notice that all the Aches and Pains you once had slowly disappear.
    I’ve since found a bit of that weight due to the Fulltime Lifestyle but found a great diet is staying away from Buffets in order to keep your portions more logical.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the new you.

    It’s about time.

  4. WOW, your weight loss is most encouraging to us…both of us with diabetes too!! Keep up the good work!!

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