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Jan 252019

I’ve met a lot of authors in my time, and I’m always interested in how and where they work. Some of them say they must have their own quiet space with no distractions, while others claim they can write anywhere, including coffee shops, sitting at the kitchen table while the kids and dog are running in and out creating a ruckus, or sitting in their favorite easy chair with their laptop while the television is on.

I fall partway into the latter category. Though we don’t have any kids or dogs, after a lifetime publishing small town newspapers in small, busy offices, I don’t notice things like the TV or Miss Terry doing something in the same room. During our fulltime RVing days I had a desk in the front of the motorhome where I worked and often watched TV at the same time while Terry was weaving or cooking a few feet away. Now that we have a house again, I have a small office that is perpetually cluttered and Terry is at the far end of the house in her big loom room/office. But I don’t think my output is any better or more prolific than it was in the motorhome.

And I wasn’t the only author who found their craft works well with the RV lifestyle. Here are some of my RVing author friends.

Donna B. McNicol is a retired IT professional who started writing fiction after retirement. Her preferred genre is small town “whodunit” mysteries with a dash of romance, but she has also tackled children’s stories, fantasy, and small town romance. In addition, her short stories have been included in several anthologies. Donna, her husband Stu and their two black Goldendoodles now live in middle Tennessee, but RV to warmer states in the winter so they can ride motorcycles all year round. Donna’s books include the Klondike mystery series and the C’mon Inn mysteries.  You can follow Donna at http://dbmcnicol.com

J. A. (Jenise) Harper uses recurring characters as part of her excellent Bird Treks mystery series, working hard to keep them vital and alive for readers. Just as she and her husband Jim are fulltime RVers traveling in a Blue Bird motor coach, so are her lead characters, Maggie and Ben Graham. How much is fact and how much is fiction is something the reader can only surmise, but she says she must admit that it is a lively lifestyle, and they are relishing every moment of it! Always a writer, her past works were either journalistic in nature or liturgical. It wasn’t until being immersed in the redwood forests of California or standing on the cliff overlooking the ocean by the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Oregon that her books began to create themselves. So, meet Maggie and Ben Graham in Soul of the Forest, Spirit of the Joshua, and Mists of Deception: Yaquina Head, and you will also meet Jenise and Jim Harper.

Judy Howard, described as an inspiration and a firecracker, has earned her titles as Motivational Speaker and Writing Expert. Her writing career expands across many genres – memoir, romance thriller, travel, reality-fiction, and young adult, but the theme is always the same – overcoming life’s difficulties. Following her two passions, traveling and writing, Judy and her cat Sportster travel across country in a Winnebago. When Judy and Sportster are not traveling, they reside in Sun City, California. Some of Judy’s writings include Coast to Coast With A Cat and A Ghost, the blog The Writings Of A Wandering Widow, and The Cat’s Perspective of Reading, Writing and Life.

Karen Musser Nortman is a retired teacher and test specialist who writes cozy campground mysteries and time travel books involving a vintage camper. Several of her books are Chanticleer award winners and IndieBRAG Medallion honorees. She and her husband travel with a thirty-foot trailer, camping in the Midwest in the summer with friends and taking longer trips in the spring and fall. Find Karen on Amazon at http://www.karenmussernortman.com/ 

Margo Armstrong joined the fulltime RV lifestyle in 1995. This bold decision allowed her family to travel with her. While they experienced the beauty this country has to offer, she expanded her technical writing business. After upgrading to a larger motorhome, she created other businesses that cater to the RV lifestyle. In 2010, Margo downsized to a 30-foot motorhome for solo travel. With 24 years on the road, she continues to write and self-publish RV lifestyle books, a blog MovingOnWithMargo.com, an RV lifestyle website RVLifestyleExperts.com, and an eZine where subscribers get the latest news on lifestyle trends. Her Amazon page is https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0072NR29A

Joan H. Young has been writing stories since the age of 7, when The Adventures of Skippy the Field Mouse made its debut. Joan says the work survives but is best left in the box with drawings of squirrels and pressed leaves. Joan has proven that one can bumble through life without ever deciding what to be when she grows up. However, more of her time since 2005 has been spent writing. If only more money came from that endeavor, it could be called a career! She is the author of cozy mysteries, children’s mysteries, and several works of non-fiction, including Anastasia Raven cozy mysteries, Dubois Files children’s mysteries, books about hiking, and more. Check out her website booksleavingfootprints.com

Debra S. Sanders has authored seven suspense/mysteries, and three non-fiction books. Her cozy series follows psychic sleuth and caterer, Daisy O’Connor, as she dodges ghosts looking for justice while caring for her adopted Lakota grandfather, Charlie Tall Tree. Her books include Dead Men Don’t Talk and Road Tales: Myth, Lore, & Curiosities From America’s Back Roads. Debra’s current work in progress is a dark thriller set in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Drawing from her experience as a contract FEMA Disaster Inspector, she builds a grim world in which fraudulent claims are met with murder. You can follow Debra online at The Write Roads.

GK Jurrens independently writes and publishes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. He teaches paperless writing on the road. With his wife Kay, he lives and travels fulltime in a bus style RV. They find wandering North America a delightful source of endless inspiration. GK earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and a Master of Science degree in Management of Technology from the University of Minnesota. He is the proud father of two adult children and the equally proud grandfather of three teenage grandchildren. You can follow GK online at FaceBook.com/GKJurrens

Maureen Kay Lynch finds retirement has created a perfect environment to write. A life-long romantic, she used to create stories describing how the models in Woolworth photo frames met and fell in love! As a Ribbon Romance author, she’s working on the second in a series featuring a breast cancer marathon event. Her stories are light, romantic fiction and, as she likes to say, a 14 -year-old can read them without getting a lesson in anatomy. Her first stand-alone novel, Heartcall, won in National Novel Writing Month, and will be published when the editing process is complete. She also plans to tell the story of how she chose to live in an RV. You can follow her at her Amazon page https://amzn.to/2FNzCH6

So there you have it, nine authors who don’t need an office to work in. Just a nice view out the windows of their RVs as they create their own world of words.

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Thought For The Day – The difference between ordeal and adventure is attitude!

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  1. Thanks, Nick! So much fun.

  2. Thanks Nick I have been following links and downloading books from this. Its neat to se so many RVers who write. By the way is that what I think it is on top of your desk? Way cool!

  3. Great post, Nick! When my husband and I started full-timing in 2009 (and I started writing fiction using RVing characters), I couldn’t find too many kindred spirits. So glad there are more RVing-oriented novels to choose from now!

    I did a series of interviews with fellow RVing authors on my blog awhile back — great to see where these writers do their writing and how they balance their on-the-road responsibilities with that writing. Interviews include a few of the authors you mention, but also a few more. You can find links here: https://ellenbooks.com/for-fellow-writers/fellow-rving-novelists/

    Ellen Behrens

  4. Thanks for the writers information, sounds like some I will enjoy reading. Very nice display case.

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