Is It Monday Yet?

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Jan 212019

Most working people dread Monday morning because it is the start of another long work week. Mondays don’t bother me because I work every day of the week. Some days I work more than others, but every day I at least write a blog, and I am usually working on a book, or working on book promotion, or doing research for a book. That’s why I laugh whenever someone says that we retired to Florida. No, we just retired from the RV lifestyle. I plan to keep cranking out books as long as my brain will allow me to string words together.

But I am really looking forward to today being Monday, assuming it is Monday. I have been a day ahead of myself for the last several days. We went to the antique extravaganza on Friday, which I thought was Saturday. When Saturday rolled around, I thought it was Sunday, which meant I actually ended last week’s free drawing on Saturday instead of Sunday, as I was supposed to. I never even realized it until late yesterday evening. I don’t know how I got my days so jumbled up, but I sure did!

We were supposed to get a lot of wind and rain yesterday, but the rain never developed. However, we did get some wind, and the temperature really plummeted. The 11 PM news said the temperature was 23° lower than it was at the same time the night before. It was a good day to stay inside and not do much of anything. And except for some research on my next John Lee Quarrels book and writing the blog, that’s pretty much all I did – nothing.

I did exchange a few emails with a fellow who had some questions about the air brake system on his diesel motorhome. I told him that even though we have owned an MCI bus conversion and a Winnebago diesel pusher with air brakes, I’m not a mechanical person and really didn’t know what to tell him. I suggested he pose his questions on some of the Internet RV forums, but instead he wrote back wanting to know how to purge air from the system and what other maintenance was required. I replied again, telling him again that I wasn’t a mechanic and I didn’t have any answers for him. I said that we always had a reliable shop do a yearly maintenance on our rigs and I left those things up to them. He immediately came back and wanted to know if the brake shoes needed replaced, and if so, how often. By then I feared he wasn’t reading my replies anyhow, so I just ignored him. The last thing I want to do is give anybody advice on the brakes on a vehicle that weighs over 30,000 pounds when I don’t know the first thing about them.

About 11:45 PM and again a little after midnight Terry and I went outside to take a look at the moon, and yes, it was still up there in the sky right where it belongs. We didn’t stay out long because it was too darned cold.

Today, after a trip to the chiropractor and a few errands, I plan to go over all of my notes for my next book and get ready to start cranking out words. (Just about the time I wrote these words I realized that the post office is closed tomorrow for Martin Luther King Day.) Okay then, one less errand to run.

Thought For The Day – Every time I try to eat healthy, along comes Thanksgiving, Christmas, summer, Friday or Tuesday and ruins it for me.

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  1. If you had to have a garbage can out by the road in front of your house by 0600 on a specific day of the week you’d have a means of keeping track of what day it is! 🙂

  2. You could tell him very simple every time you step on the break you’re purging it
    the only thing you have to do occasionally it is Open the air wet tank a little
    To check for any moisture which you probably won’t have because the dryer I will take care of that
    On the side of the brake lining and there is Specific where line
    I could tell you how to check the brake linings but he would’ve been best to take it to a professional
    As far as knowing what day it is don’t worry about it just worry about putting your feet on the floor every morning And be happy you could do the happy dance

  3. Not trying to make you into a mechanic. Just to give you a better understanding that both systems work the opposite of one another.

    Hydraulic Brakes which are on 90% of the Vehicles in the world are filled with Hydraulic (Brake) Fluid and cannot properly work when there is Air in the lines. If there is Air in the system the pedal would be spongy and cause poor to no stopping power.

    Air Brakes are completely filled with air under pressure. When applying the Brakes on a Semi or Motorhome equipped with such you are actually removing air from the Brakes causing them to engage. When a Semi looses an Air Line his Brakes will lock up as a Safety measure. “Better to Stop then Not”.

    Brake wear whether it’s the Pads on Disc Brakes or Shoes on Drum Brakes all have different amounts that they can wear before needing to be replaced. Unless you know what you are doing, like you said leave it to the Qualified Mechanics.

    If your E-mailer doesn’t understand this, like you have said many times “You can’t fix Stupid”.

    Keep writing your great books.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  4. Our clock tells us the day of the week. Otherwise we wouldn’t know most of the time.

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