A Lazy Sunday

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Jan 142019

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday with no pressing projects to work on and nothing we had to get done, which was just fine with us. Sometimes we need days like that.

When we bought our Bennington pontoon boat, it came with two fishing chairs in front and two more in back, a comfortable captain’s chair for the person driving the boat (that would be me), and two L-shaped loungers. We’re never going to have that many people on the boat with us, so we wanted to find a new home for one of the loungers, which was just like new. I put an ad online for it and a couple had contacted me, saying they wanted to come and purchase it. We agreed they would arrive somewhere between noon and 1 PM.

Meanwhile, Miss Terry and I played a couple of games of darts, and she whipped my butt both times. Getting a double bullseye, which means hitting the very center of the bull ring, is about the best you can do playing darts. We all get them now and then, but for Terry and me it’s more often luck than anything else. But not yesterday. The very first dart she threw in the first game was a double bullseye. She was pretty pleased with herself about that. Then, in the first round of next game she did this! I was impressed.

The people arrived right on time, purchased the seat and left. Then I goofed off for a couple of hours, lazing in my recliner and watching TV. About 3 o’clock we left to go to the Seashack in New Smyrna Beach, which has always been one of our favorite restaurants. Wednesdays and Sundays have always been customer appreciation days, with select items from the menu at half price. Even during the hot summer when we don’t have many tourists you can expect to wait for a table when you go there on either of those days. And during snowbird season like now? If you don’t get there early you may have to wait for an hour to get seated.

It had been a while since we had been there, and this time around I was surprised that there were several empty places in the parking lot, which almost never happens, and when we went inside the place was only about 25% occupied, if that. There is both an upstairs and downstairs dining room, as well as outside patio seating. The downstairs dining room is usually packed, but yesterday only one or two tables had people at them. I told Terry they must have changed something, and boy did they!

Sunday customer appreciation day is a thing of the past, some of our favorite menu items have been deleted, and when I ordered the jumbo shrimp, there was nothing jumbo about them at all. I would say they were probably not much more than half the normal size. We have become friendly with some of the waitresses there, and one of them was telling us that there’s been a change in management, and apparently a change in attitude, too. If things keep on this way, I don’t see them being in business much longer. I hate to see that happen, but based upon yesterday’s experience, we aren’t in any hurry to go back.

Back at home, we drove down to the fishing pier to check out what was happening on the water. Scenes like this are why I call this place home. My soul is at peace when I’m down here watching the dolphins and the manatees and the birds doing their thing.

This is the other reason my soul is at peace. Can you believe that this week will mark 21 years that I have been married to this beautiful lady? And after all that time, we are still like we were on our first date. We always hold hands in the car or walking someplace, we must tell each other “I love you” a hundred times a day or more, and it is the first thing we say to each other every morning, and the last thing we say at night. Life is really wonderful when you are married to your best friend!

In closing, late yesterday evening my third proofreader sent me her revisions to Big Lake Wedding. I will make her changes this morning and then upload it to Amazon, and with any luck at all it will be live sometime this afternoon or evening. They always say it can take up to 72 hours, but usually it’s much quicker than that. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this book, so let’s hope it’s quicker this time around, too. And if all goes well, I may have another announcement to make tomorrow involving my books.

Congratulations Sheila White, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Big Lake Honeymoon, the seventh book in my Big Lake mystery series. We had 66 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon!

Thought For The Day – I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes, so she hugged me.


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  6 Responses to “A Lazy Sunday”

  1. Nick, not a good idea holding hands in the car. Both hands need to be on the steering wheel.


  2. I was reading and saw the great review on the New Smyrna Beach seafood restaurant… we’re be up that way soon!
    Then I read on…. bummer!
    A day late & a dollar short once again… there is something to be said for consistency but I never really thought that “this” was what they had in mind… 🙂

    I guess we’ll have to do our own looking..

    Congratulations on the anniversary!!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Hate it when a restaurant changes that much.

  4. Happy Anniversary.

  5. Nick, my wife and I have been married 47 years. A while back she said I love you I said I love you more. She said probably. We both laughed but now I sleep with one eye open.

  6. I’ve been married to my best friend for 60 years but he still introduces me as his “first wife” so I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop!

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