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Dec 112018

I get a lot of email from RVers as well as from campers. And I get a lot of emails from people who believe they are one and the same. They’re not. At least not by my definition, for what that’s worth.

In my mind, RVers are people who live or travel in an RV fulltime or for several months at a time. For all intents and purposes, when they are in it, the RV is their home. Campers, on the other hand, spend less time in their RVs. Quite often they are weekend warriors who head for a favorite campground every weekend during the summer, and maybe even occasionally take a trip out of state before returning back home. They may do this in anything from a 40 foot diesel pusher motorhome, to a small tent camper, or a pickup with a camper on the back.

Either way is fine with me, whatever floats your boat. But people can get into trouble when they confuse recreational camping with fulltime RVing. They are very different lifestyles. I tried to explain that to somebody yesterday who wrote to tell me that they had borrowed a relative’s pop-up tent camper and spent 10 glorious days on the Oregon coast in it. She said that by the time they were headed back home, neither she, her husband, or their three kids ever wanted it to end. So they offered to buy the tent camper from their relatives so they could go fulltiming in it. She said they couldn’t wait to see every corner of America and introduce their children to places they might not otherwise ever see.

That’s cool. We know a lot of families who fulltime with children. The problem is, these folks want to do it in a tent camper. I’m sorry, that’s just not going to work. I tried to explain to her that there’s a big difference between roughing it in a tent camper for a few days and living that lifestyle 24/7. Her kids might have thought it was a great adventure while they were on vacation, but it would get old really fast if that was the only home they had to come back to at the end of the day. The sheer logistics of five people trying to live in a tent camper are impossible. Her response was that they would make it work one way or another. Well, good luck with that. Let me know how it works out.

I got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. Wayne McKinney is the Sheriff of Stephens County, Oklahoma, and a fan of my mystery books. I have picked his brain a time or two about things in my books and he has always been very helpful. When he saw my blog about my police badge collection, he sent me one of his department’s old badges and a shoulder patch. Thank you so much, Wayne!

Thought For The Day – Approach a woman in a crowded bar and whisper “Hey, wanna get out of here?” If she says yes, you can sit where she was sitting.

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  1. We have always been RVing not camping. And we agree there are a lot of differences between the two. We LIVE in our RV when we are away from our home base. Camping to us implies short term party fun for the family and then they return to their home. Either way it is using your RV for your daily life whether short term or long term. So really, just have FUN each and every day.

  2. The popup family needs to spend a full week somewhere in the rain to get a better idea of the realities..

    When I go to Tumbling Creek, TN or Raccoon Creek, AL for a vandweller get together I take my home camping. When I’m not “camping” my home is parked somewhere. That could be a friend’s place in Maine for the summer or at this RV park in Florida for the month of December.

    Camping is a type of recreation we do on occasion.. the rest of the time we are fulltimers in an RV.

  3. Fulltiming in a tent camper is not my idea of a great time either. But I have met many people who are living in a van that they outfitted with some camping necessities and are “living the dream”. That’s fine with me I guess. I don’t know how they support themselves or get through the rough days. But people do it.

  4. Amen I could not agree with you more full time RVing is totally different from camping. For me having been in the military for 20 years & being married to somebody in the military who served for 29 years the full time experience was not the free living experience some people post about. I have lived in 10 states & 5 countries so for me full time RVing was a lot of logistical SNAFUs still u learn a lot & traveling can be a grand adventure.

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