Dec 212018

Strong storms raged over Central Florida for much of the day yesterday, with high winds, hail, rain coming down in buckets, and reports of a couple of tornadoes. Some areas got more than their total normal December rainfall in just a few hours. Yeah, it got scary for a while.

Sometime around noon our weather alerts all started going off telling us that we were under a tornado watch. On this first map taken as a screenshot from my phone, we are the blue dot just right of center. You can see how close the red and black dashed line signifying the imminent danger was to us. The big orange and black dashed line to the left of it is a slightly less intense area of bad storms that was headed our way right after that.

The second screenshot shows the lightning strikes near us. The darker colors represent the worst of the weather at that moment.

Someone said we should run. Run? Are you kidding me? About the most I can manage is a fast waddle for a short distance. Besides, where would we run to? It’s not like we could drive 15 minutes and be out of the path of the storms. We just hunkered down, kept an eye on the news reports, and eventually everything passed through.

No, I don’t run. I’m too lazy for running, and I’m certainly not built for it. That’s why I had to laugh when I saw the tag on some new sweats that Miss Terry bought me. Who knew there was a company called Russell Athletics? Those two words go together just about as well as military intelligence.

Maybe because they wanted to take my mind off the weather, I got a call about the prescription coverage I recently added onto my AARP Medicare supplemental insurance. Talking to somebody at a call center in a foreign country is just about impossible, and as my dad used to say, could make the Pope cuss a blue streak. Right after I signed up for it a while back, they contacted me to tell me that since I did not have prescription coverage in the last year, I have to pay a penalty in addition to the normal $28.10 per month.

But I did have coverage, and still do, through the VA. I tried explaining that the first time around, but they don’t seem to understand what that is. Yesterday’s call was no better. First I had to explain to him, again, that the VA is short for Veterans Administration. He kept asking me how long I’ve been employed by the VA. When I tried to tell him that I am not employed by the VA, that I am a military veteran and that’s why I have the coverage, he decided I was a soldier on active duty. I finally told him to find somebody who could speak English and have them call me back, because the first three calls have resulted in nothing but frustration. Oh, what fun.

In other news, we purchased a new box springs to replace the one on the bed in our guest bedroom. There was nothing wrong with the one we had, except it was too high for short people like Terry or me, and other people who have stayed with us, almost need a stepstool to get in and out of the bed. So we bought a new box springs that is not so tall. I put an ad on the local Facebook page saying that the old one was free to anyone who wanted to come and pick it up. I got several responses, including two people who said they were coming right over to get it but never showed up.

Then I had a woman who contacted me and said she was a single mom with three kids and desperate. She said she didn’t have any way to transport the box springs, but really needed it. She asked if there was any way I could help her out and please, please deliver it. What the heck, I’ve got a pickup truck, why not? I asked for her address and then she told me that she lived in DeBary, which is about 45 miles from here. No, I don’t think so. I’m giving the thing away, I’m not going to make a 90 mile round-trip to do it. Yes, I really am the Grinch.

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Thought For The Day – Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  2 Responses to “It Got Scary For A While”

  1. Really Nick! It’s the Christmas season! What’s 90 miles to you or to me for that matter? This is a trip more worthwhile than some of the day trips you’ve taken. 90 miles? Geez Louise. If I griped about such paltry mileage, Bikes for Types would be out the 27 bikes we’ve delivered in the past two seasons; Lee County Parks & Rec. would have lost many man hours of volunteer work for the Florida Senior Games. Ah! I could go on, but why? Load that mattress, Nick. Take it to the lady in need. Think of it as your good deed for the month if that’s necessary, buy DO IT!

  2. I am obviously not nearly as nice a person as you are, Fred.

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