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When Miss Terry and I started fulltiming way back in 1999 we went into it with the idea that it was something we were going to do forever. We adapted well to living in the small space of a motorhome, we loved traveling and meeting new people, and we said that if we ever decided to get off the road, we would just find an RV park someplace where we could purchase our own lot, park the rig, and live out our days in it.

While that sounds like a simple solution when you can’t travel anymore, it’s not always realistic. Forever isn’t always forever. Things change. People change. Their needs change.

For one thing, RVs deteriorate over time, even sitting still in an RV park. You’re always busy putting something back together, replacing something, or making some kind of repair. And all the while you’re doing that, the RV is depreciating more and more. You reach a point where you have to decide just how much more money you want to invest in something that may or may not last as long as you do.

And, as we get older and our bodies start to break down, it may not be feasible to remain in an RV long-term. Somebody with mobility issues might find it difficult to get in and out of the RV. There may come a time when you need a power lift to get in and out. Once inside, moving around may become a challenge. If somebody needs a wheelchair, the interior RV doorways may be too narrow to accommodate it. RV showers may be difficult to get into and out of. Bathrooms may be too small.

We considered all of that when we decided to get off the road, and though our original plan was to do just what I said above, purchase a lot in RV park where we would stay, we soon realized that for not a lot more than the price of a simple RV lot we could buy a house. In fact, I have seen some RV lots in upscale resorts that cost a lot more than our house did.

Now, let me say that we do know some RVers who lived out their lives in their rigs, and seemed quite content. To each their own. We have known more of them who hung up the keys and settled down someplace. And while they still have hitch itch from time to time, almost all of them say it was the right decision. I know that it was for us. Your mileage may vary. What are your plans for when the day comes that you cannot or don’t want to continue traveling?

In other news, when I talked to Greg White last night, his Our RV Adventures blog was still down. He said he’s gotten different stories from the people at Go Daddy as to what the problem is, and having been down that route, I know how frustrating it is. Their first response is always to blame the customer. They must have done something wrong on their end. But Greg’s been around computers since the very beginning, and if anybody knows what they’re doing with them, it’s him. The problem is convincing the geeks at Go Daddy that he knows what he’s talking about and getting them to move past that and actually solve the problem. He’d switch to another company, but as he says, they are all just as bad, and some are a lot worse. If you’re a fan of Greg’s blog, all I can tell you is to keep trying. Sooner or later they’ve got to get something done, right?

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Thought For The Day – Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring so I go back to being myself.

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  1. With reference to your Thought for the Day: Don’t go changing on us, we like you just as you are! And love to Miss Terry!

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