We Got Our Exercise

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Nov 172018

I have been walking a mile a day on my treadmill, trying to get at least a little bit of exercise to help overcome my pretty much sedentary lifestyle. I don’t think I’m ever going to be skinny, but I would sure like to shed enough pounds get down to just being fat instead of damn fat. But yesterday we both got plenty of exercise and the treadmill never even got turned on.

We were up early and out the door just after 9 AM, headed for Mount Dora, which is 61 miles from us in the central part of the state. 61 miles doesn’t seem like it’s very far, but there’s no easy way to get there from here. No matter which route you take, it’s going to take you an hour and a half, part of it on two lane roads with a lot of construction and traffic. But it was worth it, but because we went there for the Antique Extravaganza, which was advertised to have over 800 vendors selling all kinds of trinkets, trash, and treasures from days gone by.

The facility was huge, well over 100 acres, with vendors outside and inside several buildings. By the time we saw everything, we had walked until our feet were screaming at us and our hips were aching. Yep, we got our exercise all right. And surprisingly, unlike here on the coast where it’s pretty much flat, we had some hills to walk up and down. Not steep hills, mind you, but when your butt is dragging, a hill is a hill.

It was a bit chilly, with temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s, but it was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and blue sky. There was a lot of stuff that we just ignored because it didn’t match our tastes or interest, but there was also a lot of stuff that was really cool. We could have easily spent a lot of money there in a hurry if we had the money, if we had a way to haul it, and if we had a place to put it all once we got back home.

The fellow selling these Jack Daniels whiskey barrels was doing a brisk business. He probably had at least 20 or 25, and many of them already had sold signs on them.

Lots of vendors had old advertising signs, everything from beer and soda to gasoline and motor oil.

This vendor was selling damn fine stuff. I know, because that’s what the sign said. If you can’t believe a sign, what can you believe?

I kind of liked the barber pole, but is it really appropriate for a bald man to own something like that? I’m not sure.

I don’t know if this came from a Halloween fun house or a something like that, but Terry said she feels like she should have this and turn it on every time I mess with electrical stuff.

There were also vendors selling some cheap swap meet junk, but we didn’t spend much time with them. We did talk to a lot of nice people, saw some really interesting stuff, and I picked up a couple of police badges to add to my collection. I also found this sword, which will look good hanging on my office wall.

Before we got together Terry had a very impressive collection of Aladdin oil lamps, which she sold when we became fulltime RVers. She really wants a Lincoln Drape model Aladdin and I was hoping that with so many vendors there we might be able to find one, but no such luck.

We walked around the show for a good five hours, and by the time things were wrapping up for the day we were more than happy to head back to our van. Except for the fact that it was parked uphill from where we were, and that hill was a lot steeper going back up then it was coming down earlier in the day!

If you are in the area and like antiques, or just enjoy browsing vendors and getting some exercise as you stroll around the grounds, head to Mount Dora and the Antique Extravaganza. It goes on through this weekend and is well worth the trip.

We talked about going back another day, but if we do it will be on Sunday. I don’t think we can put our feet through all of that walking two days in a row.

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Thought For The Day – I think it’s wrong that only one company gets to make the game Monopoly.

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  3 Responses to “We Got Our Exercise”

  1. Seeing the Moxie sign reminded me of Calvin Coolidge. It was his favorite drink. They still sell it in the general store that his father ran in Plymouth Notch and sell it at the Vermont Country Store in Weston, VT.

  2. Joyce
    moxie company was bought out by Coca-Cola long long time ago an is predominately in the northeast states of Rhode Island Massachusetts parts of Vermont and new Hampshire
    Moxie is a drink for older people that are used to it.
    you’ll never get the younger kids to drink that bitter stuff today.
    Did you know that Volusia county fairgrounds (on route 44 )on Wednesday has a really large farmers market
    Also at the fairgrounds they have a old steam engine make-an-break engines Museum I don’t know what time they’re open but they’re really interesting

  3. lehmans.com the Amish store in Ohio sells Aladdin oil lamps in the Lincoln Drape pattern. Of course, they’re new, not antique.

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