Santa Came Early

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Nov 282018

I must have been a very good boy this year because Santa came to our house early. And I needed a really big stocking for my Christmas present. Like a garage-sized stocking!

I mentioned a while back that I was thinking about buying myself a new Mustang. I’ve had a lot of cars in my time, from Corvettes to pickup trucks and vans, to classics. My favorite cars of all time have been Mustangs. The first one I was ever in was a ‘68 fastback that my cousin Sonny bought when he came back from Vietnam. One ride in that car and my teenage heart was doing flip-flops.

Over the years I’ve had four or five 1966 Mustangs, fourteen 1967 models (everything from show cars to daily drivers that were cannibalized to restore other cars), along with a rocket-fast 1969 Mach I, and even a very anemic 1979 Mustang II. So you get that they’re my favorite car, right? But the one thing I’ve never owned was a brand-new Mustang, though I have always wanted one. We can scratch that off the list now.

Back on my birthday in October, Terry and I were out running around and we stopped at Mullinax Ford in New Smyrna Beach, where I test drove this 2018 Mustang Ecoboost Premium fastback. I wasn’t even out of the parking lot before I fell in love.

Miss Terry told me then that I should buy it, but I had to convince myself first. She says I’m weird because I don’t hesitate to reach for my checkbook if she wants something, or somebody else I care about wants or needs something, but I hate spending money on myself. That’s not exactly true. I love spending money on myself. I just have very expensive tastes!

At any rate, I kicked it around for a long time, did a lot of research, and waited long enough that Ford and the dealership kicked in some very nice end of model year rebates and discounts. Couple those with a $500 veteran’s rebate from Ford and I decided I might as well bite the bullet, or ride the Pony, as it may be.

I always said that if I bought myself a new Mustang I would not compromise, I would put every option on it I wanted. So even though we agreed to the deal a week ago, I didn’t take delivery until yesterday so they could get everything done I wanted. That included the louvers on the back side windows, the Mustang stripe on the bottom, and the spoiler on the back. None of them make it run better, but I think they make it look pretty cool.

It has a 2.3 liter turbocharged four-cylinder, which puts out 310 hp and 350 foot-pounds of torque, coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Trust me, it will go faster than I ever want to drive! The Premium package also included an electronically tuned suspension that can be set up for everything from highway cruising to drag racing, three steering wheel modes, depending on how sporty I’m feeling, and just about every other option available.

When I mentioned in the blog a while back that I was thinking about buying a new Mustang, several people told me it would be too hard for me to get in and out of, and others said I really didn’t need a fourth car. It’s actually easier to get in and out of than Terry’s Chrysler Pacifica.

And those folks were right, I didn’t need a new car. We’ve already got the 2017 Pacifica, the trusty old 2005 Ford Explorer we towed behind the motorhome for years, and a 1999 Ford pickup. But here’s the thing, I wanted it, I can afford it, so why not? I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t play golf, I don’t go to expensive ballgames, and I don’t have the energy to keep a mistress on the side. And with my diet and exercise program, I cut out Pepsi years ago and have stayed away from junk food as much as I possibly can. A guy’s got to have some enjoyment in life, doesn’t he?

This isn’t going to be my daily driver. Around town we actually drive the Explorer more often than not. We use the Pacifica for out-of-town trips, and everybody needs a pickup, right? How else am I going to launch my pontoon boat? No, this car is strictly a toy, just like my classic cars were, back in the days when we were doing the car show circuit. And besides, none of our other vehicles have little lights under the doors that project a Mustang logo onto the driveway. How cool is that?

As for that big old 1100 square foot garage of ours, it sure looked huge when it was empty. Now, not so much. We may need to build on.

If you’re ever anywhere near the New Smyrna Beach area here on Florida’s Central Coast and are looking for a vehicle, I really recommend Jack Tuthill at Mullinax Ford. We met him when we first test drove the Mustang, and he wasn’t one of those pushy salesman that tries to pound you into the ground to make a sale. He is very laid-back. He stayed in touch but didn’t hound us, he answered any questions I had whenever I called him as I was doing my research, he did a good job for us, and he was very patient with me with all the things I wanted done to the car.

Thought For The Day – When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  29 Responses to “Santa Came Early”

  1. Very cool Nick. I have been a fan of Mustangs for years and might get me another some day.

  2. Nick, I hate to disagree with your “Thought for the day”.
    I still open the door of our 2004 car for my wife of 62 years.
    Enjoy the new Mustang.

  3. Congrats, you deserve it, enjoy as life is short.

  4. Nick, with that beauty (really two beauties – Terry and the Mustang) you can now really do some “horsing around”! Enjoy both and think of me when you are out “sporting” around.

  5. Congrats Nick & Terry!
    COOL CAR! & and it doesn’t matter a bit what others say or think!
    See you soon if you’ll be around in late December!

  6. Way to go! If you can afford it & you really want it … it’s your life, go for it!
    Plus the 1100 sq ft garage 🙂

  7. Great looking car, Congratulations.!!!!

  8. So happy for you!!!

  9. I knew weeks ago that you would get that Stang.
    I still open the door for my wife, and other women going into a store. I am a gentleman.

  10. Haha love the “don’t have the energy to keep a mistress on the side” line! ??

    That car is beautiful! Enjoy it!

  11. Lol And the two question marks were supposed to be laughing emojis. Guess my phone changed them!

  12. Congrats on your new toy! I’m glad to hear you listened to Miss Terry and took the plunge. Enjoy your new ride!

  13. I say if you can afford it and want it…….life’s too short otherwise. Also, that “mid-life” thing must have really kicked in. Very nice looking Mustang. Good for you.

  14. Nobody has to worry about Nick not opening doors for Miss Terry. I first met them about 20 years ago and saw them often in our mutual travels. I don’t think that lady even knows how to open a door anymore. It’s not because she isn’t capable but because she is married to an absolute gentleman who insists on treating her like the precious lady she is. I’m in love with that man! In a platonic way of course. Love the new car Nick!!! You deserve it. 🙂

  15. How many hungry children could you have fed with what that car you admittedly don’t need??????? Selfish maybe???

  16. Enjoy your new toy, Nick! Merry Christmas!

  17. It helps to have the short “Russell” legs to get into those things.

  18. Congratulations on the new car! You deserve it.

    Message to Tracy: Nick is responsible for thousands of dollars worth of donations to numerous charities generated at his rallies, plus food bank collections at every event.

    By purchasing a new car, Nick helps provide jobs, dignity, and self respect to hundreds of people. That is how our system works.

  19. Tracy, there are over 7 billion people on this earth & YOU find fault with one for buying himself something with money he earned instead of feeding “hungry children”.

    You have your life, we all have ours…Talk about selfish!

  20. When you have worked forty years or more and are approaching retirement, it is OK to replace the word “need” with the word “want”.


  21. Thanks so much for the shoutout Nick! Appreciate you and Terry letting me earn your business!

  22. Nice! I’m a Mustang fan also. May get one again. Ex wife took my 5.0 many years ago. My wife of many years now, says I can get one if I want one…

  23. Good for you! You deserve it. Enjoy!

  24. Joe, you have no idea how long it took for me to “let” Nick open doors for me. I had to learn how to be cherished and loved, how to laugh and enjoy life. He has opened so many doors for me. I love and appreciate him so very much. He is the perfect gentleman! After 21 years of marriage, it just keeps getting better! Even though I think I couldn’t possibly love him more, every day I wake up loving him even more.

    Tracy, I feel so sorry for you. Such a bitter person… Nick doesn’t talk about all that he has given to people, not just family and friends, but to anyone that he can help. He does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Definitely more than can be said about you.

    Tracey – you do not have any knowledge of the charities and the money Nick and Terry give to those charities. Why do you want to tell other people how to spend their money? And Tracy – why don’t you sell all your possessions, give the money to the hungry children and go live as cheaply as you can?

  26. Hey Nick-

    Since I have bought all of your Big Lake Kindle books, as well as printed ones for gifts, I think I have paid for part of your new Ford. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll be over on Tuesday to borrow your Mustang for a spin down to Cocoa Beach for lunch on the pier. Eleven o-clock okay? Just leave the keys on the top of the left-front tire. No worries, I’ll top off the tank before I drop it off.

    Okay, now back to reality. Great car, bud. I’ve got my eyes on an ’07 Stang right now. I figure that at 65, what the hell, you can’t take it with you.

    -Your 65 year-old shuttle bus driver from ‘Cat Mountian, AZ’.

    -Chicago Robert


  27. Can you send Santa up this way please?

  28. Enjoy my friend, what the hell? You earned it!

  29. Is this a sign of “Mid-Life Crisis?”

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