Nov 102018

I received an email yesterday from an irate woman who wanted me to help spread the word that a campground, whose name I won’t be mentioning here, threw her and her husband out “for no reason at all.” She said they have four Pomeranian dogs, of which two of them are his emotional support animals and two of them are hers.

She said she was at the swimming pool and had the dogs in the water with her when the campground owner saw them and told her to get them out of the water and out of the pool area. That led to an argument about her rights as a person with disabilities, and then she called her husband and he decided to come over and join in the debate. Long story short, it got ugly and the campground owner told them they had to leave. They kept insisting they could take their emotional support animals anywhere they wanted at any time, and he told them not in his swimming pool! Maybe one of the pool covers in Sydney that are available could help avoid the dog making a dash for the pool!

Sorry lady, I’m not going to help you bash a business just because they wouldn’t put up with your “emotional support animal” silliness. There is a difference between a service animal trained to help somebody with a disability and someone who just wants to have their pets with them all the time, so they suddenly need them for “emotional support.” I think the campground owner was well within his rights. I don’t want to get in a swimming pool after your mutts have been paddling around in it.

I’ll probably offend somebody here, but it won’t be the first time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. As far as I’m concerned, this whole emotional support crap is just that, crap. We live in a world where we all want to be surrounded by gauze to keep us from getting the smallest little scrape or bruise, where we think our brain will burst into flames if somebody says something that we find personally offensive, where we truly believe we are entitled to say and do whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want. Sorry. You need to grow up. The real world doesn’t work like that. Sometimes things don’t go your way.

I have had emails from people who were totally blown away by the fact that they had to use a 30 amp adapter on their 50 amp coach, because a campground didn’t have any 50 amp sites available when they showed up without a reservation. A while back I heard from a lady who was freaked out because her son picked up a fishing sinker and none of the first responders she called was willing to believe he was going to die of lead poisoning. A couple of days ago somebody wrote to complain that he can’t get a reservation anywhere near a beach in Florida this late in the season and that’s unfair.

Truly, I think some of these people just need to stay home. No matter where they go, they are not going to have a good time. So stay home and let the rest of us enjoy our winter.

On another note, as I have mentioned before, I have a collection of police badges that has been growing recently, as my readers have been sending me old ones they had and ones I have found here and there. Yesterday I received the coolest one of all. Check out the name on this one and the department it comes from. I know that guy, and so do some of you!

I had it custom made and had to jump through some hoops to get it, due to Homeland Security, but it was worth it. I plan to have my excellent cover artist, Elizabeth Mackey, incorporate it into one of my upcoming book covers.

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Thought For The Day – The object of golf is to play the least amount of golf.

Nick Russell

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  21 Responses to “Not In My Swimming Pool!”

  1. Have read and enjoyed your blog for many years though never commented before.

    Totally agree with you on the emotional support animals. On a flight from Southern California to Philadelphia this summer a woman had a small dog (wearing a diaper) that was her emotional support dog seated in the row ahead of where I was seated. The dog was up and down, on the floor of the cabin, her lap, etc. Several times during the flight she went into the lavatory with the dog to change it’s diaper. As I understood it, the flight attendants could do nothing about it. Needless to say I did not use the lavatory during the flight. I for one am not offended by your comments.

  2. As a former campground owner I am not surprised at the stupidity of some people, I wouldn’t even allow cur’s in the pool area much less the water, people harm the water enough. We only had 30 amp service thought our campground and we heard that story a lot, either put up with it or move out, they can learn to conserve once in a while. Hey, news flash, we are in central Fl. for the season and the park has been sold out since spring, so people wise up or stay cold. As Forest say’s “stupid is as stupid does”

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more Nick.
    That badge is the best!

  4. That whole emotional support thing is a crock. I’m sorry, but if you need that kind of support, you should just stay home where you can get all the doggie love you require. I just see it as an excuse to take your dogs with you everywhere.

  5. Agree on this one. A swimming pool is no place for an animal other than a human. Animals can carry diseases, eliminate waste in the pool, shed hair. The health of other humans is more important than your need for your “support animal.” This “support animal nonsense” is called SELFISH.

  6. I think what you’re trying to say is The knuckle brain lady can’t bring her emotionally support squirrel on the airplane,,,, well all I can say is nuts to that
    Have you noticed now that Walmart is starting to post up specific signs for service animals only I suppose too many people were bringing their birds and snakes into Walmart
    It’s also pretty bad when you need to watch where you step In Home Depot as well

  7. I figure that a certain percent of the population is just stupid, as the population grows so does the number of stupid people.

    In this day and age “someone” has decided that the lowest common denominator (ie: stupid people) needs to be made the new norm… so we start to see these really dumb things/attitudes all over the place.

  8. Agree. So tired of hearing stories about people bringing weird animals on airplanes and places they don’t belong.

    That badge is so cool.

  9. HAhahahahahaha!!!! You crack me up.

  10. Spot on Nick! However, I really wish that you wouldn’t mince your words.

  11. As a pet owner, I agree with you. I love my fur baby but I would not ever think of taking her in a public pool.

    Your badge collection is a cool thing and the Jim Weber one would be my favorite.

  12. I believe the airlines have cracked down on what constitutes a service animal. I know a lady that went online and got a certificate for a service animal for emotional support and takes it in restaurants. That needs to be stopped!

  13. This web site may help clarify the legal concerning emotional support pets. They are NOT the same has service animals.

  14. Seems like our country is becoming a refuge for the self-absorbed, entitled and just plain stupid. SMH Always enjoy your common sense answers to their demands for justification.

  15. You know what? You’re an ass, Nick. I hope you never experience a trauma so great that you yourself need an ESA. I guess if you’ve lived that life wrapped in gauze you talk about you have no idea what the real world is about and have never experienced pain suffering or loss.

  16. Nick, and you thought everyone loved you! ?

  17. Nick, you may indeed be an ass like Kelly says… I don’t know you past this screen but Nancy K. (4th remark) has it down! She knows what the answer is!

  18. Nick, there was supposed to be ? on my post!

  19. I have a service dog for cardiac alerts but I would never have him in the water. I would want him in the area in a down stay position so he could alert me if necessary

  20. As usual, your attitude matches mine. Shopping malls, swimming pools, grocery stores are not places to bring your pets. I like animals just fine. But I don’t want someone’s dog trying to jump on me in Walmart. And I get my emotional support from within. If I can’t help myself, I just take a nap.

  21. Some one recently sit in dog poop on their seat on an airplane. If that happened to one of those emmotonial support types I wonder what they would need.

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