Nov 042018

No, I’m not talking about that show with the nerdy scientists and the hot blonde chick, this was another kind of big bang.

I had just finished proofing the last couple of chapters I wrote in my new book Big Lake Wedding yesterday afternoon about 2 PM and decided to go out and check the mail. I was only a few steps from our front door when I heard a loud bang sound that I first thought was a shotgun going off.
Looking around and not seeing any of my ex-wives or the fathers of any old high school girlfriends nearby holding a scattergun, I decided it was probably an electrical transformer blowing somewhere. That was reinforced when Miss Terry came to the door and asked me what the noise was and told me that our power was out.

I checked our main breaker box outside and everything was turned on there, so I decided to give Florida Power & Light (FPL) a call and report the outage. As it turned out, somebody was already ahead of me and when I gave my address a recording said that a transformer was down and they expected to have power back on by 4:30 PM.

Even though I save my work as I go and have my computer set to back up what I’m working on every few minutes, I was still very glad I have my computer, monitor, and wireless modem connected to the Tripp Lite 900-watt battery back-up I had purchased in July when I bought my new Dell computer. This was the first time we’ve had an outage since I got it and it worked flawlessly, kicking it immediately so I didn’t lose power to the computer or modem. It’s money well spent for a writer who doesn’t want to lose hours of work.

Fortunately, it was about the prettiest day we have seen around here in a long time, with temperatures in the upper 70s and a nice breeze blowing. We opened the screen doors and a couple of windows and were quite comfortable. I’d have been even more comfortable if my power recliner had worked, but without electricity it was just a chair. We spent the time reading books, me on my Kindle and Terry, one she checked out at the local library.

The folks at FPL didn’t get the problem fixed by 4:30 PM as promised, but they came pretty close because at 4:51 everything in the house came back to life as the power was restored.

Because my back pain has made it hard to focus or even to sit at my desk for long, I’m behind schedule on the new book and today I really have to try to ignore that and get a lot of words done to try to catch up. We are supposed to have rain for most of the day, which is always good for writing and other indoor activities. Not that I’ve been up to much of any kind of activity, indoors or out, lately.

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Thought For The Day – First they came for the journalists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a journalist. We have no idea what they did after that.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

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  1. One of the features that UPS has on it is —

    FREE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE / USER REPLACEABLE BATTERIES: USB port & free software enable unattended system shutdown and power management. Batteries are fully hot-swappable / user-replaceable allowing you to extend the life of your UPS if the batteries are depleted after the 3-year warranty

    ESPECIALLY the — free software enable unattended system shutdown – had you been gone from the computer for any length of time, this allows an ORDERLY SHUTDOWN rather than a crash shutdown.

    BTW – I also use one on the CPAP to avoid the dreaded “space alien is sitting on my face sucking the breath out of me in the middle of the night” power loss.Those are always fun – NOT

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