Fireworks In November

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Nov 112018

I expected to set off some fireworks in yesterday’s blog about the woman being thrown out of the campground swimming pool because she had her two emotional support dogs in the water with her, and I wasn’t disappointed. And while most of the blog comments were positive, I did get hammered by email.

One blog commenter said it was obvious I have never experienced pain, suffering, or loss. Somebody in an email told me that I needed to walk a mile in her shoes because I have no empathy for others. In another email, someone asked if spent my free time kicking puppies and pulling the wings off of butterflies. And then there were one or two who just said it was too bad I was such an animal hater.

I did not feel the need to reply to any of them because when someone’s mind is already made up, it’s just a waste of time trying to confuse them with facts.

Moving on to another subject, I also got an email from a campground owner who complained about people who pull in late in the evening after hours, dump their tanks, hook up water and electric, and then are gone early the next morning before the office even opens. He’s not the first campground owner to share the same experience. And it’s interesting that everyone who has said something about problems like that also add that it’s usually the folks in the biggest, most expensive RVs doing it.

I guess if I cheated enough people, I could have one of them fancy high dollar diesel pushers, too. The problem is, I would not be able to sleep during those quick overnight rip-off stays because in the morning I have to look at myself in the mirror when I brush my teeth. Trust me, that’s bad enough to have to see under the best of circumstances!

Our accountant says Terry and I need to take a couple of trips before the end of the year, and I need to get some new stories, too. So we are trying to work our schedule around doctor appointments and things like that. We had hoped to go down to the Keys this coming week, but the weather reports don’t look very promising. So maybe we’ll go the other direction and take a short trip to Georgia. We always love visiting Savannah and there’s so much to see and do there. Then, in December, we want to take off again for a week or so. We may not be RVers anymore, but once you get hitch itch it’s hard to shake it.

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Thought For The Day – Remember, if you lose a sock in the dryer, it comes back as a Tupperware lid that doesn’t fit any of your containers.

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  1. I want to blame the campground owners for the nonpayment too. They close the office at 5:00 pm in the summer and do not post their rates or have any payment slot available. That makes it hard to pay. I was on a short vacation and had many miles to go to get to my destination resort so I did not unhook at night and left at daylight the next morning. I would have gladly paid if I had a way to do so.

  2. We stay in one park twice a year to visit our kids. We have watched the young couple who run it grow from lovestruck young adults to a married couple with three young kids. Lovely family with a staunch work ethic.

    This fall as we were walking our dog after 10 we noticed a camper had pulled in ahead of us into a slot. He wasn’t hooked up to services, however, but had his generator running and it turns out, he ran it all night. . . a violation of the terms of policy. I noticed in the morning, he left around 7:30 before the office opened. I checked with the office when they opened and sure enough . . . he never paid. She asked me. . . you didn’t happen to write down his license plate number, did you. I said . . . no I didn’t. BUT I did take a picture of his coach, showing his license plate and his rig in the site. LOL She said she would turn it over to her Dad who owns the park. He hates when people do that. The state has a law for it and it is “defrauding an innkeeper.” It annoys me that people do this because in the end, if enough steal from the parks, it’s people like us that end up paying for it.

    So, you may think you can get away with it, but don’t count on it.


  3. I am surprised and very disappointed that people would go to an RV park for the night and not pay. If someone was too poor they shouldn’t have an RV and it’s just wrong. It might not always be convenient to pay after hours but that is no excuse. Either stay long enough the next day or leave right away.

  4. Its just like saying after you get caught, ” gee officer I took it because he he wasn’t looking this way.”
    There is most of the time a phone number you can call on the window or a sign or as we do look up the website or in one of the many camping book of parks and call them to ask where you can leave the money. There is always a way or place for it.
    Two times whene it happened to us we just called the local Sheriff or PD and they always seem to know the Number to call or in a Tenn. RV park where they closed the gate early the Sheriff call the Park Ranger for us who came down and met us and opened the gate and then showed us to a very nice spot, We just paid the Ranger when he brought us some firewood.
    There is always a way. Its not RV science its common sense.

  5. Twice we have stayed the night in a cg with no one to pay. We got on the internet, found the address & price and mailed them a check. Both times the checks were cashed. So you can pay the cg if you want to. Those that stay overnight and don’t pay are STEALING. And as you say. I have to look at myself in the mirror in the morning. Vengeance is mine I will repay saith the Lord. Or Karma will get them

  6. I am sure it is not fun to get nasty remarks and emails, Nick…I have had a few of those myself…but honestly? You write it in such a funny way, we had to laugh!! Well, those defenders of people taking dogs into pools have no concept of those who are allergic to dogs either? I guess the owners of the pool would simply need to drain and clean the pool after that woman…no big deal right? It truly is something how many folks cannot see past their own nose!! Oh well…I so remember you writing often in the past (and I love your remark): “Honestly people I cannot make these things up”…real life offers SO MANY plots and stories…I have often told folks I have plenty enough to write a book…trouble is, most of these stories did not have a good ending…folks prefer books with good endings!! Thanks for the laugh today!!

    Some years ago, we lived in NC…and I learned I was some Cherokee…so we visited Cherokee village…not so sure tis a great idea in the cold weather times…but is was a joy to go…LOVED the village and the man who talked to us and told us so much history…and the museum there is truly wonderful…I came away so proud to be some Cherokee!! No idea where you are going…but it might be worth a visit someday. Also, we lived in Southern Pines for almost a decade…the downtown area of that little town is just plain awesome…the best food however is about 20 minutes away in the little town of Carthage…Pete’s Diner…LOVED that place!! IF you do go…tell Pete that the customers who used to live nearby and had to move to WA state to help their daughter sent you!!

  7. I agree. No pup in pool. I have therapy pet for deafness alert.dont infringe on others

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