We Are Safe

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Oct 102018

Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern about us with Hurricane Michael moving through the Gulf of Mexico. We are safe on the other side of the state and don’t expect anything more than possibly some heavy rain from it. All models show the storm coming ashore on the Florida Panhandle and then turning to the east a considerable distance north of us. For those who are in the hurricane’s path, get someplace safe and stay there until things clear up.

Our friends Greg and Jan White would never let some silly old hurricane prevent them from visiting. They had expected to be at their RV park in Mims, down near Titusville, sometime around noon or 1 o’clock yesterday. But there was a bad accident on Interstate 95 north of Daytona Beach that blocked the freeway and they pretty much sat still for almost two hours. That put them behind schedule, so once they were parked and settled in I called and suggested that instead of them having to drive another 25 miles or so up here to see us, maybe we should drive down and meet them at Dixie Crossroads for dinner. Greg said that sounded like a good idea, so that’s what we did, arriving sometime just after 5 PM.

It sure was good to see them when we arrived at the restaurant. It’s been way too long! After hugs all the way around we ordered dinner and made up for lost time while we ate. And of course, once we were done eating we sat and talked a while longer.

In all the years that we have known Greg and Jan, and all the miles we have traveled together, and all the meals we have shared, an incredibly strong friendship has developed. After we parted company and were driving home, Terry commented that even though it’s been over a year since we last saw them, it felt like it was just yesterday. The conversations, the banter, the fun always picks up right where it left off. We’re looking forward to spending a lot more time with them while they are in the area.

On another note, have you ever wanted to start an RV related business that you can operate from your home or take on the road with you? If so, here’s something that you might be interested in. I have a complete set of 15 RV awning repair DVDs along with the instruction manual. Here is everything you need to know to launch your own RV awning installation and repair business. Titles of the DVDs include How To Start Your Own RV Awning Repair Business, RV Patio Awning Diagnostics, How To Install An RV Patio Awning, How To Replace RV Awnings, How To Install An RV Window Awning, How To Repair And Customize RV Awning Fabrics, How To Replace RV Awning Fabrics, RV Awning Hardware Repair, How To Repair Hardware On An RV With Awning Attached, How To Repair RV Awning Torsion Springs, RV Awning Torsion Assembly, RV Slide Topper Installation Replacement And Adjustment, How To Install An RV Add-On Room, How To Install A Cargo Trailer RV Awning, How To install An RV Awning On A Horse Trailer, and a bonus DVD on Specialty Vehicles and more. This instruction course cost $350 new, but I will sell all for $125, shipping included. Some kind of oil or other liquid got onto the box I had them stored in and the plastic outside sleeves on the cases for the DVDs were affected by it, but the cases and the DVDs themselves are fine, as is the book.

And finally, in the interest of public safety, I thought I should warn you all to be very careful on the roads. Not only is school back in session everywhere, but my 16-year-old granddaughter Hailey recently acquired her driver’s license. She is back in our old hometown of Show Low, Arizona and we are here on the Florida coast, but I’m still looking both ways when I pull out of the driveway, just in case. I told her mother I thought this bumper sticker would be appropriate for Hailey’s car.

Thought For The Day – I’m doing crunches twice a day now. Captain in the morning and Nestle at night.

Nick Russell

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  1. Hi Nick,
    All is well just finished Balloon Fiesta and was crazy busy
    Don’t you have cable service in your area,? Let us know if
    The wego solves your problem, I know you went from one
    Bar to four, I was told by the company that they need more
    Towers and they cost over a million each, we summer in
    Nation forest in Az. And they sad we be wasting our money.
    This was from Wilson co.

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