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Oct 062018

Yesterday was another busy day for us, even though we were just hanging out at home. And when I say hanging, I mean that in more ways than one.

I mentioned the other day that our friends Greg and Jan White are coming to visit, and somebody asked if they would be parking their motorhome at our house and staying in it, or if they are staying in our guest bedroom. Neither, actually. Greg and I are a little too old for sleepovers, and I think if we were to spend the night under the same roof, we would have to first post a surety bond and then file some kind of an environmental impact statement. You know how the bureaucrats love their red tape.

They are going to be staying at a campground in the Titusville/Mims area, about 25 miles from us, and we will get together several days while they’re in the area. Jan lived in Titusville and Greg was working a summer job there when they met many moons ago and they have some other friends here in Florida they want to touch base with, as well.

In anticipation of their arrival, I have been putting together a pile of stuff left over from our RVing days that I don’t use anymore and I’m going to try to get Greg to take with him when they leave. I’m not sure if he wants all of it, but one thing I do know he wanted was an extra Spartan motorhome hubcap. These things are huge, and I knew exactly where it was in the garage. Or at least I thought I did. As it turns out, I was wrong. I used to always wonder how we could lose things when we lived in a 320 square foot motorhome, but we did on a regular basis. So imagine what it’s like in house this big. After a couple of hours of searching, we finally found the hubcap in the storage loft above the garage floor, and I added it to Greg’s pile.

Now to the other kind of hanging that we were doing yesterday. I mentioned a while back that when we took our road trip up to the Cincinnati, Ohio area, I picked up a second antique wall phone, which has been sitting in the garage since we got home. And a while back I found two very neat old wooden type cases from the days of letterpress printing. We decided to hang them in the short hallway in the front part of the house.

We all know that Miss Terry is the handyman in our family, so she did all of the real work. My job was basically to stand around and look pretty, and hand her things when she needed them. Oh, and to hold the heavy phone against the wall while she mounted it in place.

Here are two views to give you an idea what they looked like when we were done hanging everything.

We are not sure what we are going to put in the type cases yet. I have a small collection of police badges that I occasionally add to, but most of the slots in the type cases are not big enough for that, and the way the cases are hung, the orientation wouldn’t work out very well either. But eventually we’ll figure something out.

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Thought For The Day – I just bought one of those real life sex dolls, and she’s so realistic that she just wants us to be friends.

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