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Sep 142018

A few months ago I shared with you that we had bought several Arlo security cameras for the house. One is mounted at the front door, another one is mounted in the carport at the door to my office, and others are in different rooms of the house. Having used them this long, there are things about the system I like, and some things I don’t like.

The video quality is excellent, even at night, and I can save the video online to view anytime I want to. However, the lag time between when someone sets off the motion activation and when Terry and I get an alert to our phones has been less than impressive. Sometimes it is almost instantaneous, other times it can be a minute or two, and sometimes even longer.

I like the idea of getting a message that there is somebody at the door and pulling up my phone and looking at it to know who’s there before I answer. Especially because our front door only has a tiny window way up high and Terry and I both are too short to see out of it. But it doesn’t do much good if we’ve got to wait to see who is there. And while you can talk back and forth from your phone to whoever’s at the door through the camera, sound quality is okay at best.

Looking for something that would work a little bit better, I purchased a Wi-Fi enabled Ring doorbell from Amazon, along with a Ring chime/Wi-Fi extender that plugs into an outlet in the living room. The camera on the doorbell also has motion detection built into it.

Here’s what it looks like installed. Ignore all those spots on the outside wall of the house, we have one of those bug zapper porch lights, and as you can see, it’s doing its job. And, as you can also see, I haven’t done my job of washing the dead critters off in a while.

Yesterday Terry installed it and I’m impressed so far. The video quality is excellent, there is not the lag time that we seem to have with the Arlo, and communication through its speaker from our phones is easier and clearer than with the Arlo system. It’s also easier to adjust the sensitivity so it doesn’t alert to every car driving down the street or kids riding by on their bicycles. I liked it so much that I ordered a second doorbell for my office door.

I still plan to keep the Arlo system because I do like having the different cameras inside the house and the ones outside will serve as a backup to the Ring devices. That way, if someone ever breaks in while we are gone, at least we will be able to see what they’re doing and have video to show to the police.

Getting the doorbell installed wasn’t the only thing we did yesterday. I had to get a blood draw and some other lab work done in the morning for an upcoming doctor’s appointment. And for dinner we went to Goodrich Seafood, a small place tucked away on a back road that is popular with the locals and serves excellent grub. It’s one of our favorites.

Back at home after dinner, Terry and I finished binge watching the first three seasons of The Ranch on Netflix. I’m not an Ashton Kutcher fan, but I do like several of the other regulars in the series, including Sam Elliott and Debra Winger. It took a couple of episodes for it to grow on us, but by the time we finished all of the episodes currently available, we were hooked. Warning, if you have sensitive ears, you might not appreciate the language in this sitcom. It can get pretty salty.

In closing, two people chastised me for yesterday’s blog about Laurel Hill, the birthplace of Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart. According to them when I post a blog like that I am glorifying the days of slavery and those who promoted it. I have two thoughts on that. Number One is, it’s my blog and if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Number Two is, pretending history never existed, tearing down statues, and sticking our heads in the sand because we don’t like something doesn’t change the fact that it happened. That’s like cutting your ex-wife or husband or lover out of family photographs. It doesn’t change the fact that they were once a part of your life. You can yank down every statue of every Confederate soldier there ever was, burn down every restored antebellum plantation in the country, and complain all you want to. It doesn’t change a thing. What’s that old saying about if we ignore history we are doomed to repeat it?

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Thought For The Day – It’s only a miracle until science can explain it.

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  9 Responses to “Ring A Ding Ding”

  1. If they get rid of all the pictures with the ex-wife by the time the grandkids are old enough she will be forgotten, it’s like she never happened. Then history will have been rewritten.
    I’m not sure what the goal is in rewriting this part of history, but I have noticed that here in 2018 the states rights part of the civil war has been almost forgotten.

  2. Not just in the US that those kind of things are happening. It is unbelievable. In school you are forced to learn all kinds of things that to some children makes no sense. By destroying those artifacts of history they are taking away the lesson that we should all pay attention to.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. In one word, or 4 letters, “1984”. When I read that book long ago, it seemed so far fetched, but now. The only thing he had wrong was the date.

    If folks have not read is, they SHOULD!

  4. Did you let that guy in the picture at your door come inside-looks a little shady?
    Tell him we miss him?

  5. The thing about the Ring I don’t like is you have to pay a monthly fee to save the videos.

  6. I love the fact that you speak your mind & tell it as it is. Don’t ever change. As for your critics, let ’em pound sand.

  7. I grew up in the South. The Union won the war but their are always at least two sides to the story. The War Between The States was not just about slavery but about many things (states rights vs the federal government, economic issues such as tariffs on southern products not sold to the north but to European countries and England, voting issues and representation in the House of Representatives, social differences, etc.) And I agree when you forget history you are doomed to repeat it. And many American such as Lee and Stuart were more loyal to their state than the federal government. This is hard for people today to understand but it was an important issue then. Sad that real American history is not being taught much any more.

  8. Thanks for your editorial Nick. I happen to agree with your sentiments. Stick to them…it’s your right.

  9. Way to go Nick in standing up for your rights and history.

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