The Waiting Game

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Aug 292018

Terry and I were up early yesterday morning because we had two appointments scheduled for 9 a.m. here at the house. Someone from Davis Brothers Heating and Cooling was coming to do the semiannual maintenance on our air conditioner, and a crew from Tropical Garage Doors was coming to install our new insulated garage door.

Of course, we know schedules can always get thrown off track, so I wasn’t too surprised when just after 8 a.m. someone from Tropical Garage Doors called to say they had run into a delay and wouldn’t be able to make it until about 1 p.m. I told her no problem, as long as they can finish the job in one day, and she assured me they could.

Right on time a young man from Davis Brothers showed up to service the air conditioner and introduced himself as the son of the people we bought our house from. He was really impressed with all of the improvements we’ve made to it in less than two years. It only took him a half hour or so to do the service on the air conditioner, and then it was just playing the waiting game until the garage door crew arrived. I don’t wait well.

As it turned out, it was 2:30 before they pulled up, apologizing because they had run into problems with the earlier installation. There were just two guys, but they didn’t waste any time at all unloading the materials for the new door and then getting to work.

When somebody from their company came out and originally took the order for the new door, he said that we would have to take down the two sections of paneling that we had installed next to the door because they would need to do some framing. As it turned out, that wasn’t necessary, and they installed the new track and assembled the new door pretty quickly.

It probably took them about two hours, and here is an inside view of the finished job.

They did a good job of fitting and trimming around it. Notice that there are no light leaks around the door now, like there were with the old door, below.

It should do a better job of keeping it cool in the garage and keeping the bugs out. With the ill-fitting, banged up old door, any time we were in the garage at night with the lights on, bugs came flying in around the open edges.

Here’s what the new door looks like from the outside. The previous one was gray, to match the trim on the house. I’m not sure if we will paint this one gray or wait until we paint the whole house and figure out what we’re going to do then. It definitely needs some sprucing up.

In other news, adhering to my belief that if one is good, two is always better, my second vintage Speed Graphic camera arrived yesterday. Both were bought on eBay, though from different sellers. The first arrived in three days and was in excellent condition. This one took over three weeks and needs some TLC. Judging by the serial number, it looks like it was made in 1947.

I found a home for it on one of the bookshelves in my office.

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Thought For The Day – Women, if you want to really freak your husband out, just smile prettily at him and ask, “Well, do you notice anything different?”

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