Jul 282018

My e-mail inbox kept filling up yesterday, and I can’t count the number of texts and Facebook messages I received from people, either telling me that the mail forwarding service My Dakota Address in Madison, South Dakota had stopped sending mail as of the 26th and announced that they were going out of business, or asking me if the rumors about it were true. Unfortunately, yes, they are.

It seems that some customers got an email informing them of the closure, while others didn’t know anything about it until the word started spreading on social media. This has left a lot of fulltime RVers who were using them as their legal address scrambling for an alternative. Some people told me that they contacted Dakota Post in Sioux Falls, and the company has been very accommodating in helping them get a new address set up in a hurry.

I don’t know much about the folks who ran My Dakota Address, and what I have heard about them has always been positive. And I don’t know what problems precipitated the closure. But it seems like they should have been able to give their customers more advance notice than that. While lots of people pay all their bills and such online, there are still many that depend on regular postal deliveries. Hopefully everybody will get the process of finding a new mail forwarding service handled with a minimum of difficulty.

The big news on the home front is that the replacement for Steve the computer arrived yesterday. It’s a Dell OptiPlex 7060 desktop model that I had custom-built for my needs. I included the fastest processor available, as much RAM as I could get inside of it, and two hard drives. Yep, there’s a new Steve in town. But I don’t think I’ll call this one Steve, I don’t want to jinx it.

I had also ordered a Tripp Lite 1500VA 900W UPS Battery Back Up from Amazon, which came in a few days ago. I will have the computer, monitor, our wireless router, and our Arlo home security system plugged into it, which will keep them running during a power outage until I either shut them down or shore power comes back on.

Yesterday Terry built this really neat cart which will hold both the Tripp Lite UPS and the computer, and it will fit next to my desk. She put casters on the bottom of it so I can easily pull it out if I need to access the back of either unit. I am also putting a small fan behind the cabinet to help circulate air more efficiently.

So my project today will be to get the new computer set up. Hopefully there will be a minimum of hassle doing so, but it can be a tedious process to reload all of the software for the programs I use on a regular basis. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will go smoothly.

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Thought For The Day – The older I get, the more I find myself hesitating to throw out a used Ziploc bag because it’s really not all that dirty.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  9 Responses to “There’s A New Steve In Town”

  1. Homemade donuts and a hand built custom cart in one week. You are a lucky man.

  2. That is what I would call a processor rack.
    Of course , it’s much prettier than the ones I am familiar with…

    Now , about those donuts ?????

  3. What Jason said….

  4. Nick, you need to get a program like “PC Mover” that will easily transfer everything from Steve to the new guy.

  5. I love the cart Terry built. How did you get so lucky to have a woman who’s so cute, smart, is handy and can cook? You must be doing something right! We’re also one of the full-timers affected by the mail forwarder closing. We never did get a notice but luckily happened to be in SD so were able to drive there and rescue what mail was still there. The post office will not do change of addresses for people using mail forwarders and I was told mail is already being ‘returned to sender’. We chose to switch to YourBestAddress in Sioux Falls because the FMCA club uses it and we were very impressed when we went there. They have a helpful section for former MyDakotaAddress users on their web site.

  6. ^^^ DITTO ^^^ comments about Miss Terry’s many talents. Name your computer after a woman. It will always treat you right. (No comments about your Exs.)
    Oh how I identify with your Thought for the day!!!

  7. I love that cart idea, so simple, yet I never even thought about it. Lovely carpentry work, also.


  8. There is nothing I love more than setting up and customizing wall papers, shortcuts and programs new computers. Wish we were closer. Have fun.

  9. Escapees has a mail service for SD, here is what is on their website:

    You will have a street address and a personal mail box (PMB) number on Rainbow Drive in Livingston, Texas. It will look something like this, although your street address and PMB will be different:

    123 Rainbow Dr, #456
    Livingston, TX 77399

    If you’re domiciled in Florida or South Dakota, you will also receive an address in one of those states that you’ll use only for legal purposes, like voter registration or driver’s licensing.

    We can’t assign your address until we have received all of your required sign-up forms and your payment.

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