Donuts And Rainbows

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Jul 272018

Ever since we got back from our trip we have been busy playing catch up. While we were gone I only dealt with the most pressing emails so I had a big backlog of them to wade through when we got home. Meanwhile, Terry had a lot of paperwork to do, separating receipts from the trip that were tax-deductible from others that were personal expenses. And, of course, there were blogs to write, chapters to write on my latest book, meals to cook, and laundry that needed done. You know, life.

Besides everything else she’s been doing, Terry also completed this beautiful moebius cowl, which she’s been knitting for quite some time now. It was a complicated pattern because she started in the middle and worked her way outward in both directions. It’s made of soft merino/silk and looks great on her.

I’ve never understood why people would cheat on their spouse. It just never made sense to me. If you make a commitment, you stick to it. But I do remember an older lady friend of mine saying one time that if a wife is taking care of things at home, her husband doesn’t have to go looking anywhere else. Terry knows I would never cheat on her, but I guess she also wanted to make sure I don’t start hanging out at Dunkin’ Donuts, because a few days after we got home she made me these absolutely delicious chocolate donuts from scratch. Don’t worry baby, I’m not going anywhere else for anything!

Hurricane Irma did a lot of damage when it came to this area last year but except for losing a small piece of trim off of our carport we didn’t have any problems. Our friend Jim Lewis wasn’t as lucky; his carport flew off to Never Never land in the strong wind, as did many others. When his new carport was built, Jim followed the practice of many folks around here and had it anchored with steel cables to his concrete driveway. Even though our carport made it through the last storm, I decided to follow suit and told Jim that when the man finished installing his tie down cables to send him our way. He did the job this week, putting steel plates on the roof of the carport, drilling down through them and attaching it with heavy-duty bolts, then ran the cables and attached them to hold-downs drilled into the concrete. I’m hoping we don’t have any bad hurricanes this year or anytime soon, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

Even without hurricanes there are some weather-related things you can count on every day in the summer in this part of the country. It’s going to be hot, it’s going to be humid, and you’re going to get a lot of rain and thunderstorms. The other day a big storm came through while we were out running some errands, and on our way home we saw a beautiful full curved rainbow that stretched for what seemed like miles. We didn’t have a regular camera with us and our cell phones would not give a wide enough view to show both ends at the same time, but it was spectacular.

We have still got a few projects to do around the house, including repairing our electric garage door opener. It seems that the cable has pulled out of the mechanism that moves the door, and we need to figure how to get it back into place. It was installed just before we bought the house in October of 2016, so I’m sure it’s out of warranty by now. But I did some online research and I think we figured out how to put it all back together. The garage door has had some dings and bang’s and has some gaps around it. More than once we have thought about having a new one installed. That’s something else we might be looking into before too long. We will just have to see how that plays out.

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Thought For The Day – I’m at that age where a Life Alert bracelet seems to make more sense than a Fitbit.

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