A Reprieve For Steve

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Jul 122018

Well, I had hoped that by now Steve the computer would be a piece of gutted history collecting dust on a shelf in the garage, or better yet on its way to a recycling place or wherever condemned computers go when they die. But Steve’s going to get a reprieve, at least for a little while. When I called Dell to order my new computer I was told it has to be custom-built, which I expected, and it will be sometime around the first of August before it gets here. Oh well, I put up with Steve’s shenanigans this long, so I guess I can wait a while longer.

Miss Terry tells me that eventually I’m also going to have to buy a different laptop computer. I have an old Asus laptop running Windows 7 that I used for slideshows when I was presenting seminars at RV rallies, but that’s about the only time I ever needed it. I’m not the kind of guy to sit in my recliner and use a laptop, basically because when I sit down, I don’t have a lap. But I do resort to it when we are traveling and doing the motel thing so I can get online and update the blog and such. That’s going have to wait a while longer yet. Fortunately, unlike Steve, the Asus seems to be pretty reliable, even though it is very slow.

Speaking of traveling, we’re going to be taking a road trip sometime in the not-too-distant future. We plan to stop in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a few days to see my son Travis and his wife Geli, then I think we will run up to Ludlow, Kentucky to do some genealogical research. One of my great-grandfathers and several generations of his family lived in Ludlow, and while Terry and I have passed through there a few times in our travels, we have always been in a hurry and didn’t stay long. The library in nearby Covington has an excellent genealogy section, and many of my relatives from that side of the family are buried nearby.

Covington is right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, so as long as we are there, we will try to get together with my friend Carol Ann Newsom, author of the excellent Dog Park mystery series, for lunch and a visit.

I have mentioned a time or two that we want to take a cruise, and since a lot of them leave from Port Canaveral just south of us, there’s no reason not to. We just couldn’t decide where we wanted to go. Recently somebody I talked to said they had taken a cruise to the Bahamas and then Cuba, and really enjoyed it. He said the Cuban people they talked to seemed to be fascinated by Americans and life in America, and seeing the amazing old cars from the 1950s that are still being used there was quite a treat. I think that might be interesting to see.

But when we do take a cruise, wherever we go, it’s going to be after the weather cools down a little bit in that part of the world and the school kids all return to class. I don’t like kids enough to be cooped up on a boat with a bunch of them, no matter how big it is.

Thought For The Day – I’ll try being nicer, if you’ll try being smarter.

Nick Russell

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  1. Good luck on the research. Years ago the downtown Cincinnati library had an excellent genealogical department, where I collected a lot of great information. Most of that was census info, which is now probably online, so I’m not sure how helpful the library now is. But it might be worth a visit. That hobby can be very time-consuming and I’ve set it aside for now.
    Enjoy your road trip!

  2. You would enjoy a river boat cruise better since you love history. We’ve done many cruise ships but we aren’t into all the glitz. Everyone needs to do a cruise, but once you’ve experienced it, then you can do a river boat cruise. We enjoy traveling without getting dressed up.

  3. OK, I think I have to stick up for all the ‘Steves’ of the world. For the most part guys named Steve have been thought of by the fairer sex as nice and pretty easy going, like in a good friend kind of way. Then they even named a type of Northern light for us, https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/03/steve-auroras-identified-plasma/ . But naming a dying computer Steve just plain hurts.
    Why not something more descriptive like P.O.S. or Rat Bastard. Had you keep your Mac and as it was dying you called it Steve, it might be fitting, but a Windows based unit why not just call it Bill.
    All good and I thought you might enjoy the link to the article.

  4. My computer woes continue too, but cleaning the fan gave me something of a reprieve.

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