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Jun 152018

Do you name things, like your cars, or your RVs? I don’t usually give things official names, although I did have several names for our old MCI bus conversion when it would bog down going up steep hills and we were driving on the shoulder of the highway with our radiator misters spraying water, watching the temperature gauge climb as our speed got slower and slower. Yeah, I had some names for it then! But aside from that, I usually don’t name things. Heck, half the time I can’t remember my kids’ names, and there are only two of them! Isn’t it enough that I know one’s a boy and one’s a girl? I do know my two granddaughters. There’s the older one and the younger one.

But I have decided I will start calling my computer Steve. I’m naming it after a fellow who worked for me at one of my newspapers on the Pacific Northwest coast years ago. When Steve felt like it, he was a darned good guy to have around and he could get a lot accomplished. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel like it all that often. Actually, about the only time he did put forth much effort was when I would threaten to fire him. Then he would launch into a flurry of activity that would last for a day, or two, or maybe three. Then he would start slacking off, and pretty soon he’d be back to his old ways.

I think Steve the computer is the same way. I talked about replacing it in yesterday’s blog, and suddenly yesterday everything was working fine again. The video card was not going out, it was nice and fast, and a pleasure to work on. But you’re not fooling me, Steve. Oh no, we’ve played this game before!

However, I did take advantage of Steve working right for a while and managed to finish my new book, Big Lake Fugitive. This is my 31st book, my 21st novel, and the 14th book in the Big Lake mystery series.

After reading through it to see if there were any glaring typos or mistakes, I printed it out so Miss Terry could begin the editing and proofing process. I’m sure she will find some things I missed, and more than likely the next two proofreaders will also. Ever since my first week in the newspaper business I have believed that typos lurk in the dark corners of an office and jump into a manuscript while you sleep. When all the editing and proofreading is done I’ll get it formatted and hopefully it will be live on Amazon by this time next week.

We had to run some errands yesterday, and we had a nice surprise when we came home. Apparently all of my complaining to the county about the storm control drainage ditch next to our house that was eroding our property finally did some good. This is what it looked like when we left.

And this is what it looked like when we came home! They even laid stone in the bottom of the ditch to hopefully keep some of the weeds from growing so high. We didn’t know they were going to come out and do it, but apparently the squeaky wheel does get greased. Eventually.

Late in the afternoon storm clouds started gathering and Mother Nature was putting on a tremendous show, with lots of thunder and lightning, and then rain. There were some reports of nickel and quarter-sized hail near us.

It’s hard to believe, but people in Daytona Beach were riding a roller coaster while the storm was coming in, and it derailed, injuring six people. Even harder to believe was that people were out on the beach in nearby New Smyrna Beach and three of them were struck by lightning. Hey people, stay home during bad weather! The beach and the roller coaster will be there tomorrow. You may not be.

Oh, before I close, here is one of those granddaughters I told you about with a 6 1/2 pound catfish she caught yesterday. She’s the younger one, 11 years old. Terry said her name is Destiny. I’m not sure if that’s the girl’s name or the fish’s.

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Thought For The Day – Trying to outrun my problems counts as cardio, doesn’t it?

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  6 Responses to “Me And Steve”

  1. I don’t name things either. Except my smart phone. His name is Mr. Pid. His first name is Stu.

  2. I think I know Steve.

  3. There’s just something about your magnetic personality Nick. You and computers don’t seem to get along. Nice of the County to interrupt your sea wall build. Hope it works for you in the upcoming storms.

  4. Truer than you might think, Nancy. I don’t know if it’s magnetism or a weird ph level or what, but if I wear a wristwatch, within a year it literally rusts into pieces, if it works that long. Even a stainless steel watch. Three different metal POW bracelets disintegrated when I wore them. Terry and I have identical phones, both bought about the same time. Her phone works great, mine is constantly acting up, losing calls, rebooting, all kinds of weird stuff. Somebody said I put out my own negative energy field. Maybe they were right.

  5. I hope being a Steve isn’t contagious because my computer is being a Steve today.

  6. I definitely see a resemblance to you in Destiny’s face!

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