Dangerous RV Tires

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Jun 102018

Longtime readers of our Gypsy Journal RV newspaper may remember that several years ago we were heading west on Interstate 10 in Texas when the right front tire of our MCI bus conversion literally exploded. I was doing about 65 mph and the bus immediately started heading toward the ditch on the right side of the highway.

We never know how we are going to react in a given situation until it happens, but in this case I remembered a heavy truck driving course I had taken when I was in the Army, and the instructor telling us that if we ever blew a front tire at high speed not to step on the brake, but instead to downshift and floor the accelerator. I did just that, and sure enough, the front end came back around, the bus straightened out, and I was able to gradually let off the throttle and ease it to the side of the road.

Our Goodyear tires were two years old, and I assumed we had hit some debris on the highway that caused the tire to let go like it did. Now, after reading this article about how Goodyear RV tires have been linked to at least 98 accidents that caused death or injuries, I’m not so sure.

Fast-forward a few years and we had purchased our Winnebago diesel pusher. When we got it, the Michelin tires on it had a lot of tread left and looked good, but they were seven years old. When they reach that point I don’t care how good the tires look, I replace them. I put all new Goodyear tires on the motorhome and with 20,000 miles on them, two of those tires were starting to separate. I decided I’d had enough of Goodyear and instead switched to Toyo tires. I was very happy with the ride they gave us, and they were a lot less money for a better quality tire, in my opinion.

So what’s going on with Goodyear RV tires? The last couple of years we were fulltiming and publishing the Gypsy Journal I heard about a bunch of accidents that were supposedly all caused by Goodyear tire failures. So, as the author of the article linked above is asking, why hasn’t Goodyear recalled them? I can never figure out what corporate bean counters are thinking, but I know that if I had a motorhome with Goodyear tires on it I wouldn’t feel all that comfortable right now.

Mother Nature gave us a break yesterday, and while we got some rain, it wasn’t the deluge that we had the two previous days. But it was still pretty hot out there. I spent the day writing again, and by the time I stopped around 5 PM I had another 5000+ words under my belt. If I can keep up this pace I will finish my new Big Lake book and Miss Terry can start the proofing and editing within a week or so. My goal is to put out at least four books a year, and this will put me back on track for that. If I really buckle down, I might even make it to five books this year.

Speaking of books, an autographed copy of my friend C. Craig Coleman’s murder mystery/ghost story The Rocking Crate arrived in the mail yesterday. Set in a small North Carolina town, the book is getting some very good reviews. Craig is a true Southern gentleman who grew up in the small eastern North Carolina town of Kinston, and he’s a relatively new author who is starting to build a following. Do yourself a favor and download a copy of his book, I know you’re going to enjoy it.

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Thought For The Day – I always knew I’d get old, but how quickly it happened was a bit of a surprise.

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  1. I have no interest in blowing a tire at high speed. Drove a large bus for many years and blew rear duals occasionally, but never a front. Thank the Good Lord for that.

  2. We had those tires on our fifth wheel and most of them blew out. All kinds of problems with them and Goodyear only made good on a little bit of the cost. Finally got rid of the rest of them and bought all new of another brand. Will NEVER buy Goodyear again.

  3. That’s usually one of the reasons why you don’t see too many goodyears on trucks unless you are looking for cheap tires
    When you wrote that first article a month or so ago I sent you a partial transcript of The court findings just recently last week there was another large article about the same thing with goodyear’s reply
    If anybody wants to look it up it’s (why Goodyear didn’t recall their tires) article

    I’m glad you had a rain free day but us 20 miles south of you didn’t.

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