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May 282018

What kind of plans do you have for today? A cookout? Maybe heading out to the lake? Or just hanging out at home with the family, enjoying the three day weekend? That’s all fine and I hope you have a great time. But take a moment today and think about what this holiday is all about. The reason you can have that cookout, or go to the lake, or hang out at home with your family is because since the very first days of this country men and women have laid down their life for you.

While you’re having fun today, there is a mother and a father somewhere, a sister and a brother, a wife and a child who remember someone who put on a uniform one day and never came home. That’s what Memorial Day is all about my friends. For a short part of my time in the military I was assigned the job of being a funeral escort. And I can tell you right now, it was absolutely the roughest duty I ever had. I’ve heard that bugler play Taps. I’ve listened to those rifles firing their salute. I’ve handed that folded flag to a grieving mother or wife. No, this day is not about cookouts. This day is not about thanking a veteran for his or her service. This is a day of remembrance. A day to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for each one of us.

Except for some heavy rain early Sunday morning, the bad weather that was predicted because of subtropical storm Alberto never happened. And I didn’t really expect it to. We are supposed to have rain on and off again for the next week or so, but that’s just a normal weather pattern for this area this time of year.

I had a lot of plans yesterday. I was going to get our new Honda EU2200i generators ready to go, and then I was going to do a lot of writing, aiming for 5,000 words. But Terry and I both had a rough time Saturday night. My back was hurting from pounding in the rest of the PVC pipes for our retaining wall, and Terry’s stomach was giving her problems. So even though we were in bed before midnight, neither of us got much sleep.

As a result, we didn’t feel like doing much of anything yesterday. I watched the Indianapolis 500, which is the only sporting event I ever watch, except for an occasional boxing match. It was a good race, and as quirky as always, with the leader having to leave the track to refuel with four laps to go and Will Power, who had been out in front off and on for many laps all the way, winning the race. When that was done I did work on my new book, but I only got about 2,500 words in. Terry made pecan pancakes, paid some bills, caught up on paperwork, and studied some weaving patterns online, but neither of us had much motivation. Hopefully today will be a better and more productive day.

When I wrote in yesterday’s blog that I bought non-ethanol gas for the generators, two or three people asked me if it was required for them to run properly. No, the Hondas will run fine on regular gasoline. I bought the non-ethanol because we are only going to be using them if the power goes out during a storm, and it has a better shelf life than regular gasoline and burns cleaner, so we don’t have to worry about the carburetor jets gunking up. If you’re an RVer who is going to use the generator on a semi-regular basis, you don’t really need to worry about that.

Congratulations Maurice Kunkel, winner of our Free Drawing for an autographed copy of John and Kathy Huggins’ So, You Want to be an RVer?: Celebrating the RV Lifestyle. This is the guide to RVing that every wannabe, newbie, and veteran RVer should have on their bookshelf. We had 122 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.

Nick Russell

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  1. Nick you may want to add some “Sta-Bil” to the gas in your generators. I have used it in my gas powered equipment for years with good results, just a thought.

  2. Thanks for the info about the gasoline. I’m still undecided about solar vs. a small generator, but since I’m no where near close enough to have to decide, it’s no issue! I still haven’t unwrapped the trailer from winter storage. We went straight from winter to rain to blazing summer. Now it looks stupid wrapped in a tarp, but I had started removing the windows for stripping and painting, so taking off the tarp means I have to deal with the windows fast or I’ll have water inside (stripped, but I don’t want to rot the floor- so far it’s the one thing that hasn’t needed removal). I think I’m going to get some Boat Life Git-Rot rather than replace some of the window framing.

  3. Ethanol free fuel is good, but I add fuel stabilizer as additional insurance. Seems to work good for generators, lawn mowers during winter, and any other small engine.

  4. Hi Nick andTerry,
    Since I didn’t win John and Kathy Huggins book “So You Want To Be An RVer”, I tried to order one from Amazon for our son’s birthday. No problem, except they can’t tell me when it’s available. Any idea what’s going on there, and when it might be available? The birthday is mid-June. Sure hope they have it by then, especially since I have to mail it to him in Ohio once it arrives to me in Illinois.
    Also, just a tidbit of info……… we had to leave one campground that we loved near Bradenton, Florida because the no-see-ums were so bad! We suggested that they spray for them, but we were told that since the little critturs only live one day and a new crop is born every day, it does no good to spray! No-win situation. They suggested several things to spray ourselves with, but none did any good for us. Frustrating! If you find an answer to no-see-ums, you would have lots of “attaboys” for that one!

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