Purring Like Kittens

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May 292018

Yesterday was a busy day and I felt like I got a lot accomplished for a change. It’s about time, right?

After starting the morning by answering a lot of emails, I got to work on my new Big Lake book, doing some research to check some facts in the storyline and then reading through everything I’d written in my last couple of sessions and making some corrections. Then I cranked out another 4,300 words, bringing it to just about the halfway point. I’m feeling really good about this story.

About 5 PM our friend Jim Lewis came over and we unpacked our new Honda EU2200i generators, added gas and oil, and fired them up. It took a few pulls on the starter cords since they are brand-new and had never run before, but without much effort all three were running and purring along like three happy little kittens. The one on the right looks larger than the other two in this picture, but that’s just an optical illusion caused by the camera angle.

I also ordered a set of Honda parallel cables to connect our two generators together, giving us as much as 4400 watts of power, but it hasn’t arrived yet from Amazon.

A few years ago Terry and I had a pair of 1000 watt Honda generators that our good friend Dave Baleria gave us after they were caught in a flood while they were running. Dave thought they were toast and bought replacements, and I took the old ones to give to my son-in-law to fiddle with. As it turned out, once the contaminated oil and water were poured out of them, new jets were put in the carburetors, and the air filters were replaced, both of them started right up and they’re still working today. That’s what sold me on Honda generators. They are bulletproof.

I had originally planned to buy the 1000 watt models again. But when I saw that the 2200 watt models were only $200 more each, it seemed well worth it to get more than double the power for such a small increase in price. I quickly realized two things that are different between the two models. The new ones weigh more at 47 pounds each compared to the 33 pounds of the 1000 watt models. I also think they make just a tad bit more noise. It’s not enough to be a problem; both models are super quiet. And I guess it stands to reason that with the new ones being twice as powerful as our previous models, it’s to be expected. Neither one should be a problem when you’re boondocking in an RV or using them during a power outage, as we plan to.

Terry and I both have doctor appointments today, so I don’t know if I will be able to get any more writing in, but I hope so. When a story is rolling along nicely, I get as caught up in it as the readers do and want to find out what happens next.

Speaking of books, if you like to read fantasy or science fiction books, have I got a deal for you! My friend Randy Morris is running a free promo through Thursday on Outcast Demons, the 40K word prequel to his Angels and Demons book series. Randy is a great guy and an outstanding author. Download your free copy now.

Thought For The Day – Don’t judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. After that go for it. They’re a mile away, and you have their shoes.

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  1. I am stalled on my kids’ book waiting for a response from an “advisor,” but my idea for a technothriller is gelling.

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