No Immediate Plans

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May 222018

I wasn’t surprised that three or four people contacted me after reading yesterday’s blog to tell me they were so excited that Terry and I are going to be RVing again, at least on a part-time basis. Obviously they didn’t read the entire blog, or else they have short-term memory loss. I’m not sure which.

So, just to clear the air, no, we did not buy the Class B motorhome pictured in the blog, or any other RV. If we were to buy something, it would probably be a rig along those lines, but we have no plans to do so. Nor do we plan to go back on the road. We have adjusted quite comfortably to our life here on the central coast of Florida.

We do plan to do some traveling, taking our Chrysler Pacifica and doing the hotel thing along the way. But we have no immediate plans to go anywhere in particular. We talked about going up to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina for a few days, but several people who live in the Charleston area told me there is some kind of major bridge construction project going on near the historic downtown area which has completely snarled traffic. So I need to check that out before going up that way.

A number of friends and readers have invited us to stop in for a visit if we pass through their area, or to at least contact them and get together for lunch or dinner or something. We appreciate all the offers, but as I told my buddy Greg White last night, our plans are set in Jell-O, and it’s not even firm Jell-O. So please don’t plan your summer around us coming by to visit.

In other news, I have been able to get my Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation program to work, after a fashion. Basically, I can use it and it works fine, but if I close the program when I’m done with it, it will not restart. Each time I have to completely delete it from my computer and reinstall it. I have wasted a lot of time waiting on hold for their tech support to basically tell me they don’t know what the problem is and researching various Dragon forums and user groups. I finally gave up, and now when I’m done dictating something I just minimize the program and go on to whatever I’m doing next, letting it run in the background.

In the last two or three days I got somewhere around 10,000 more words done on my new Big Lake mystery. I’m working hard to get it out sometime in June. And as often happens when I’m writing a book, the story is veering off in a direction I didn’t see coming. Sometimes my characters just take over and do their own thing, with no regard to what I had in mind.

And since the weatherman says all it is going to do is rain, and rain, and rain for at least the next week, that’s probably what I’ll be doing today, and tomorrow, and the next day.

Terry has been busy on a weaving project, but that didn’t stop her from finding time to whip up some yummy strawberry filled breakfast rolls the other day. They are a new recipe she tried, a variation from her regular cinnamon rolls, which are the best you’ll ever eat.

These were darned good and I sure wouldn’t want to discourage her from making them again. But I don’t think they were quite as delicious as her cinnamon rolls. They are a hard act to follow.

She also made waffles for breakfast Sunday morning. I never really cared for waffles, but my only exposure to them were things like Eggos or whatever some breakfast buffet had to offer. There is no comparison at all. Like everything she cooks, Terry’s waffles are 100% made from scratch and melt in your mouth.

No, I’m never going to be a skinny man, but that’s okay, I can live with that as long as she keeps cooking and baking.

Darn it, it’s after midnight and now I’m hungry!

Thought For The Day – Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could put ourselves in the dryer for ten minutes, then come out wrinkle-free and three sizes smaller?

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  1. So you must have won the lottery?

  2. Those look yummy, but I’m not a sugar freak. This is try #1 to comment on this post.

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