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May 102018

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that two people who lived in a 320 square foot motorhome for so many years have been able to fill up this huge house and garage so quickly. Yet somehow, we’ve managed to do it.

When I first saw our 1100 square foot garage I thought it was big enough to park a fleet of cars in. Or boats. Or cars and boats. As it turns out, I was wrong. My 16 foot Key Largo center console boat took up some room, but not all that much. But when I replaced it with my 20 foot Bennington pontoon boat a lot of space went away. Not only is the pontoon longer, it’s also wider, and the tongue of its trailer is a lot longer. So much so that we could only park Terry’s Chrysler Pacifica in the garage with the boat, our two kayaks, and everything else inside. So my pickup has been sitting outside.

But the other day I got to thinking that there had to be a way to get a little more space. I started doing some research on Google and YouTube and sure enough, I found a solution.

The boat has been sitting on four wooden blocks inside the garage, with the scissor trailer cranked all the way down and sitting underneath it. I bought four Milwaukee furniture dollies, each 1000 pound capacity, and yesterday we cranked the scissor trailer up enough to lift the boat off the blocks, slid the dollies underneath the tubes front and back, and let the trailer back down.

Then it was a simple matter to slide the trailer out from under the boat and stash it in our carport. Then my buddy Jim Lewis and I were able to easily roll the boat wherever we wanted to in the garage.

So now it sits further back and closer to the side wall, and with the trailer gone, my pickup fits back inside easily. A bonus was that our two Old Town kayaks fit under the pontoon quite nicely, saving even more space.

Now we actually have a little more room in the garage. Stay tuned, I’m pretty sure we will fill it up before long.

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Thought For The Day – The word phonetically doesn’t even start with a F. Nonsense like this is why aliens fly right past us without stopping.

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  3 Responses to “Making Room”

  1. Love the use of the furniture dollies! A great example of “thinking outside the box”. We, however, are doing the inverse and just now (at age 60) selling off our items and home and preparing to go full-time. Love the blogs!

  2. I have found the same thing Nick. We been almost 4 yrs in our new home. 1700 sq. ft. and a 900 sq. ft. garage with a 140 sq. ft. shed, and we are bulging at the seams already. Don’t help when you have a 24′ pontoon boat, side by side Can Am quad, one ton dually, a Chevy Traverse, 2 utility trailers, a 18′ toy hauler I built and not counting all the other “stuff” as we put it. I said something about maybe putting up a pole barn and decided if I can live in a 400 sq. ft. 5th wheel I can surely deal with what I have. Its time to clean house as they say!

  3. No matter if it is a House, RV or Garden Shed it seems we can’t stop filling it with STUFF most of which we might use a few times then it becomes an anchor around our necks.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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