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May 182018

Hurricane season officially begins here in Florida on June 1. That doesn’t mean we are going to have a hurricane of course, just that we are in the season when they are more likely to form. Some prognosticators are saying that they expect at least fourteen named tropical storms and hurricanes in 2018, and of them, they say seven will form over the Atlantic Ocean.

We were closing on our house in October of 2016 when Hurricane Matthew came through the area and did a lot of damage. And then last year Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc throughout the state. We could get hit again this year, or we could just have some tropical storms and nothing worse. Either way, we are starting to get prepared.

Yesterday I ordered two Honda EU2200i 2200-watt portable inverter generators from Amazon. These generators are very popular with RVers because they provide plenty of power, are super quiet, and sip gasoline. They can be linked together for parallel operation for heavy loads, if necessary. If the electricity goes out during a storm we want to be able to provide power to our refrigerator and a portable air conditioning unit until it is restored.

I also bought two 5-gallon gas cans, which I will keep full and on standby. The plan is also to have all three of our vehicles full of gas, and my pontoon boat has a 25 gallon fuel tank. So with a little bit of siphoning we should be able to have enough fuel to get by for a while if we have to. Having spent a lot of time boondocking when we were fulltime RVers, we know how to ration our power usage and get the most out of what we do have.

We are also going to start buying a few extra cases of bottled water to keep on hand, along with other non-perishables, and supplies like flashlight batteries and such. We don’t want to wait until the hurricane warning goes out and everybody is rushing to the stores in a panic.

With all that being said, we are not fools. If it looks like a powerful storm is coming our way we will do what we did during hurricanes Matthew and Irma – get the hell out of Dodge. And if we do evacuate, we plan to do it well ahead of the mad rush up the interstate among all the people who waited too long.

After reading yesterday’s blog about life coaches, one reader wrote to ask what these people expect to gain by it and if they are they hoping to make money from RVers who are new to the lifestyle and will pay life coaches to advise them for a fee. Yes, that’s what they are looking for, RVers to pay them for advice on everything from buying an RV to where to go and what to do when they get one. One “life coach” who sent me her press release and wanted me to post in the blog charges $500 a month to be able to contact her by email up to 50 times a month for advice.

At those rates, I think I’m in the wrong business, based upon how many people I give free advice to every month. If I charged that kind of money I could retire and live happily ever after. The only problem with that plan is having to deal with people who would be foolish enough to spend big bucks for information they can get for free just about anywhere. Come to think of it, I’ll just keep writing books. At least if my characters get to be too much of an annoyance I can kill them off.

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Thought For The Day – Some people have had the common sense educated right out them.

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  6 Responses to “Getting Prepared”

  1. Toilet paper is a good thing to stock up on. 🙂

    If you have a powered water pump and know a power outage is likely you might want to also fill all buckets and large pans with water to use to flush the toilet. We were at a gathering at a friends one time when he had to switch to generator. He said we could power everything except the water pump so no flushing, please.

  2. Add a fuel stabilizer (like Prig) to your hurricane survival kit so you can treat the fuel as it gets old. Helps tremendously.

  3. Oooooo Linda, that doesn’t sound good at all. I never would have thought of that.

    Love those Honda generators Nick!! Here’s hoping the weather guessers are wrong.

    I think I got an email from the same Life Coach. Her three year RV ownership resume didn’t impress me. It’s just a scam that will suck in unsuspecting victims.

  4. There’s a very easy way to discourage a life coach that wants to place an ad or have you promote them,,
    and you haven’t seen the hand writing on the wall ,, it s called $10,000 cash
    ( small bills only ) And you will promote her/him for one month under the blog banner of Bad Nick
    Which also doesn’t stop you from putting a disclaimer that this is a paid ad
    Just think four or five of those a year

  5. Here in North Alabama its tornadoes! Like you…… we keep prepared. We do have a basement. Down there we keep blankets, water, matches, candles, flashlight, etc. Don’t have a lot of time to Get Out Of Dodge after receiving a tornado alert. When we moved here we were amazed at all the small tornado shelters in backyards and along the roads.

  6. That’s just crazy- you used to be able to just ask people for friendly advice. That said, I’m only a moderately successful author (so far) and I’m already on request number 4 from someone to help me publish their book. I’m thinking maybe you have to approve comments on the older posts, but I’ll try to submit this comment.

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