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Lately I have been hearing from people asking me to promote their life coaching business to my readers. Apparently that’s the hot new thing to make a living without really working while you travel the country. Interestingly enough, none of them have spent much time, if any, on the road. Only one of them actually had an RV and it was a small thing you might consider for weekend camping, but not fulltiming or extended travel. But they are all suddenly “experts” on the RV lifestyle.

A couple of years ago it was online day trading in currency and commodities. Before that it was being a freight broker. And, of course, let’s not forget the ever-popular multilevel marketing schemes that proliferate faster than cockroaches in a New York City tenement. The great thing about all of these is you don’t really have to have any qualifications to do them. Just call yourself a day trader, or a freight broker, or a life coach, and you are one!

And that’s the problem right there. You could have a dozen failed marriages, six bankruptcies, a credit rating of -5, and be living in a tent, but you can call yourself a life coach and teach other people how to make their lives happy and successful. Give me a break!

I started my first weekly newspaper in Grays Harbor, Washington when I was in my mid-20s. I was stone cold broke and was flying by the seat of my pants because I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing. I traded advertising for the use of  a print shop’s typesetting machine and darkroom, and sold enough ads to pay for the first issue. I made a profit on that issue, and put out a second issue, and it made a little bit more money than the first. I continued to make a profit, and a year later I opened a second weekly newspaper 50 miles away, and it too made money. Within three years I had seven papers on the Washington and Oregon coasts and was making a lot of money.

Then I joined the National Newspaper Association and went to their annual conventions, where an “expert” said you needed a million dollars to open a weekly paper, and that you could expect to run it in the red for 3-5 years. What? Nobody ever told me that!

I came home freaked out and so confused I couldn’t make even the simplest decision for the next month. I had no idea how far over my head I was until that expert told me so.

I finally contacted the expert and told him I didn’t know how I was doing it, but I was making a profit right from the start. He told me that was impossible. We talked for over an hour, and he ended up coming to the coast to see my operation. He spent five days with me and when he had looked at everything I was doing, he told me that it was impossible to launch a newspaper the way I had, and even more impossible to make the kind of profits I was in such a short time after startup. Absolutely impossible. Then he said, “Whatever you are doing, don’t change a damn thing! It just can’t work, but you are making it work.” After that, I stopped listening to experts.

A while later a self-made millionaire who owned several businesses that advertised with me told me something I have always remembered. He said to never take advice from anybody who wasn’t more successful and making more money than I was.

I don’t know where the sudden boom in life coaches for fulltime and wannabe RVers is coming from. Years ago I had a friend who was in the real estate business in Tucson, Arizona, and he said that whenever some shyster came around with one of those How To Get Rich In Real Estate With No Money Down seminars he always took the next week off and went on vacation. I asked him why, and he said because every real estate agent in town’s phone would be ringing off the hook with people wanting to know about properties that the owners were willing to give you money to take off their hands. Who knows? Maybe somebody had a seminar at an RV rally or something.

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Thought For The Day – Old age and treachery always overcome youth and skill.

Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  9 Responses to “Does My Life Need Coaching?”

  1. Sounds about like stock brokers, Nick. People who take a bus or Subway to work advise people who ride in limousines how to invest their money!

  2. It’s been said: Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach (advise).

  3. Finally learned to NOT pay attention to the so called “experts” especially about how to invest money. We just put money away every pay period and invested in middle of the road mutual funds on our own. We retired at 55 and 49 and haven’t had to worry about money since. The “experts” were not needed. Good old common sense was.

  4. Greys Harbor. I remember my first time in that area, it was 1976. I was stationed at USCG Light Station Point Robinson on Burton Is (twix Seattle & Tacoma).
    We were going camping & as we went down into the Aberdeen area and I smelled the pulp factory… my first thought was that either the dog or the baby had done something nasty!
    Turned out the air smelled like that from the mills….

    When I came back in 2003 looking for a place to live the area didn’t smell like that, the mills were gone (so were the jobs).
    I should have bit the bullet and found a place in that area (Ocean Shores was even in my price range)… but I didn’t. I went closer to the I-5 corridor (Shelton).

    As to the experts on things they don’t know… well it sure looks like BS pays well for some people, at least for awhile!

  5. Our niece actually is a freight broker & works for an actual freight company. It’s not a job for everyone!

    The first quilt I made was a Grandmother’s Flower Garden….on the sewing machine, no less! Nobody ever told me it wasn’t a beginner’s quilt & no one ever made it with a sewing machine. Only hand piecing. Also made my own pattern by looking at a picture in a magazine ad. We CAN accomplish things without the experts’ advice!

  6. My sister can’t make a decision without conferring with her life coach first. This woman has taken total advantage of her in so many ways. Every time my sister turns around she’s got her hand out, wanting her to give her more. My two brothers and I have tried to tell our sister over and over that she’s being taken advantage of. The only skill this woman has is how to rip off vulnerable people. Its like somebody said above about riding a bus to give advice to people with limousines. Her car is always broken down and she needs money to get it fixed. And my sister gives it to her. Last month she was getting evicted from her apartment and came to Sis for money. And her kids are always in some kind of trouble with the law. You tell me how somebody who has so much chaos in her own life can give anybody advice? We were all going to take a family cruise from Galveston but Cecelia, the life coach, told my sister not to go because it wouldn’t be healthy for her because of all the food they have available 24/7. So she canceled on us at the last minute. My brothers are so upset they won’t even talk to her anymore.

  7. I just had to chuckle at your story about the “expert” who said that there was no way you could be successful as a publisher, doing what you did, in the time period you did. I have so-called “experts” tell me the same thing on a regular basis when it comes to an MLM that my wife and I became a part of nearly 3 years ago. We were in the black in a mere 2 1/2 months and have been very successful ever since. It helps, though, when you realize that the company has been around for 21 years, doesn’t have any product or crap to pedel to family and friends, and is definitely NOT some kind of “get rich quick” scheme. That, however, doesn’t matter to the “experts”. That’s okay by us…. we just laugh as we head to the bank with our latest check. Keep up the good work!

  8. I went to a life coaching seminar once, even through I was a mlm wannabe. What a joke. People with less experience trying to have advice about how you should live your life. I did not listen. I take my own advice. Hubby still likes mlm its a looser.

  9. Glad I seldom pay any attention to anyone, anyway!

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