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Apr 132018

After reading yesterday’s blog, a regular reader posted a couple comments suggesting that people form an LLC and avoid all the registration hassles from their state. For those who haven’t heard the term before, an LLC is a limited liability corporation. Many people form them in Montana, which welcomes out-of-state residents to do so. To hear the guys that are making money forming them talk, it’s a great way to save a fortune on taxes and registration. Well, maybe not.

I have been preaching against setting up a Montana LLC to avoid paying sales taxes on an RV for years. It’s popular with people who live in a state with high registration costs and sales taxes who want to save money. However, it can really bite you in the butt if your home state catches you. Fines can be well over $10,000 and several states are actively looking for residents who do this, including Colorado, Arizona and California. Another state that frowns on LLCs is Iowa. Go back to yesterday’s blog and read the comment by longtime reader Gary Hershlander, who formed a Montana LLC and found himself in court facing both civil and criminal penalties.

There are also problems for fulltimers who use LLCs. In one case I know of, there was a major accident and the RVer’s insurance company would not pay because he bought the insurance as a private individual and the RV was registered to an LLC, which is a company. They said he needed commercial insurance. There have been other problems, including California demanding road taxes because an RV licensed to an LLC is considered a commercial vehicle. We also had a subscriber whose bank called the loans on his RV and car because by setting up an LLC he had limited his personal liability and they loaned the money to buy the RV based upon his creditworthiness.

There are several paralegals and attorneys in Montana who advertise in RV magazines to set up LLCs for RVers and, of course, they will assure you this will never happen. A few years ago one of these outfits challenged me for writing about my stand on this. I replied that if he would buy a $100,000 insurance bond to guarantee to protect me if I got in trouble with his LLC, I would not only set one up, but would admit I was wrong and promote it in every issue of the Gypsy Journal. He declined. I wonder why.

Here is an excellent article on Montana LLCs with a lot of information that you need to read and understand before you think about setting one up.

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And finally, apparently the latest scam going around is an instant message I received from somebody saying that he is from the Facebook main office and that Mark Zuckerberg is selecting certain Facebook members to receive $50,000 as compensation for the information leaks that are currently in the news. And can you believe that I’m one of the lucky ones chosen to receive this windfall? Of course, it’s small potatoes compared to the $10 million that nice man from Nigeria is going to be depositing in my bank account any day now. But what the heck, $50,000 is $50,000. I’ll take it.

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Thought For The Day – In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

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  1. Possibly another option if you are a snowbird or stay in some RV Pks for any length of time. SKP Pk, Benson, AZ(for SKPers) probably has over 3k exchange bks (at least when we stayed there several times between ’98 & ’14).

    We have in our rv– library cards (w/pin holes in each) for AZ, AR, TX and 2 for NM towns. Also, we have shown pic ID & 2nd ID (usually passport) and left a cash deposit of $30-35 (getting a receipt) in both MO & CO towns we like. We try to remember to switch appropriate city/state lib cards as we travel. Hmmmm; sometimes we have to walk/drive back to rv for “today’s” appropriate city lib card. Just saying.

    Got to remember to switch pin-hole plastic lib. cards when we leave this state next month to spend May 11 to Aug 11 in one of our favorite NM rv pks. cc

  2. I’m a friend of Nick’s and a fairly new lawyer. I work for a state court for two judges. I think most people would be surprised how few lawyers even understand the doctrine of corporate personhood. It’s basically this, corporations are entities that are legally distinct from the person who creates them. The benefit can be limited liability. The drawback is that you can’t claim to be the corporation whenever it would be beneficial to you. We’ve had several cases recently where seasoned attorneys tried to ignore this and it has ended up not going well for them. LLCs are not always the best thing for all situations.

  3. is a web site that lists hundreds of free Kindle books every day. You can set what genre you want and you get a daily email. I’ve gotten hundreds of books.

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