A Very Busy Day

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Apr 222018

Clicking the Publish button to upload a new book to Amazon doesn’t mean an author’s work is over. Nope, not even close. And yesterday was a good example of why.

I spent a good part of the morning answering a backlog of emails that had built up while I was pushing to get the new book done. One was from a reader wanting to know if we ever closed the deal on the sale of our motorhome, and what we thought of the sales process overall. Yes, almost a month after the sale was completed and the new owners drove off with the RV, the dealership where we sold it on consignment finally sent us a check. I’ll have a blog about our selling experience sometime soon (after the check clears the bank).

With email out of the way, I started getting my author’s newsletter ready to send out to my subscribers. I had a lot of it done already, but for whatever reason, when I began finishing it, my Dell desktop computer decided that it would be a good day to start running at the speed of sludge on a cold winter morning. It does this every once in a while in spite of running a dozen different cleaning programs that Greg White and other people have recommended.

Whenever I tried to open any program it would take a long time. And by long time I mean as much as five minutes, and sometimes even longer. Even typing or dictating in Word, the letters would show up one at a time on the screen with a pause between each and every one of them. Talk about frustrating!

Once I finally got the newsletter sent out, I again ran all the cleaning and diagnostics programs I have and nothing indicated a problem. Although I did realize that my 2 TB hard drive was getting close to full. I back up everything to two external hard drives, as well as to Dropbox, but I still have a lot of photos, books, and all kinds of other things on the computer.

After talking to Greg White, Terry and I took the computer apart, pulled out the four memory sticks, and squirted the slots they go into with Strike Hold, the magic elixir that seems to fix everything. But before we did that, that we spent some time cleaning out an accumulation of dust and gunk inside the computer box.

Greg had suggested that I consider buying a second hard drive and installing it in the computer just to hold files, while leaving the operating system free on the original hard drive. While we had it open, I confirmed that there is room for a second, and maybe even a third hard drive if I wanted to go that route.

With everything back together, the computer did seem to work a little bit better. Not a lot, but a little bit. And then, a couple of hours later, it began to pick up speed and was back to normal again. Maybe it was just tired from all of that writing I’ve been doing lately.

Of course, while I was doing that, I was also checking the status of Mullets And Man Buns on Amazon, and I was pleased to see it was selling quite well in its first day. When I started writing today’s blog, somewhere close to midnight, it was at # 4,325 in the overall Kindle bookstore, and #21 in Kindle eBooks in the Mystery, Thriller & Suspense category. 

I appreciate everybody who downloaded the book, and the many people who shared my Facebook post about it and told their friends and relatives. An author can’t have a better marketing tool in the world than a satisfied reader. Especially one who leaves reviews of his books!

I also spent some time yesterday talking to our friend Al Hesselbart, the former historian for the RV Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. Al told me he’ll be heading north again soon to take part in a big rally at Elkhart Campground, where he will be giving several of his seminars about the evolution of recreational vehicles. Hopefully we can get together with him before he hits the road.

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Thought For The Day – The best blood type to have is Be Positive.

Nick Russell

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  6 Responses to “A Very Busy Day”

  1. Well I said it then and I’ll say it again why not pick up a second (not-online) standalone computer just for your your books
    Your online unit can hold all your files
    But with the off line unit, you won’t get the ghosts
    Also the next time it gets the slow hiccups do a speed test
    Don’t feel to bad Here in cocoa ( spectrum ) is notoriously under it,s posted speed

  2. Congrats, NIck! Yeah the intermittent slow computer thing will make you crazy. I hear you!

  3. My computer will do that occasionally also, but I don’t think it’s the computer’s fault. I think it’s the “internet”. When it happens, I shut everything down, including my WiFi, wait a few minutes, then turn everything back on and VOILA … it’s working again at regular speed. Sometimes I even go to settings and hit Turn OFF WiFi before resetting and rebooting. Seems to work for whatever reason!! It’s like it gets confused about what to do …. like me!!

  4. We had a visit from the Comcast Xfinity people yesterday. Our internet had a very nasty habit of “dropping” all of our devices with maddening frequency. Macbook, HP laptop, smart TV, smartphones … all were affected. It BEGAN with the lagging and slow speeds that you are describing. After troubleshooting at home and by using their online help pages on the Xfinity website, i went to actual human being help. Testing internet speed and resetting from their end showed that the likely culprit was our modem. It is only 5 years old, but that is old enough tonot be able to handle the speeds that are being used today. We now have a new, fancy modem and NO ISSUES! Might want to check into that.

  5. I am blaming the slowdown on the latest Windows 10 update that occurred overnight this week. Since I was editing a fun new book on my Kindle earlier in the week, yesterday was the first time I had booted my Dell laptop since downloading and installing the WIN10 update. Everything balked. Apps and file icons would just spin and spin and not open. My Verizon Eclipse tablet WiFi was strong so the internet connectivity was not the problem. I finally got going late last night.
    Today I will officially be purchasing your latest book so I can write a “verified” 5-Star review. Thanks for another quick, fun read.

  6. Just an FYI, I buy several of your books because of your Amazon link on the far right. I really should turn off one-click buying because on my elcipse my thumb hits the shop now button and boom, I get an email telling me about my purchase. Lol!

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