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Mar 292018

In a blog post a couple weeks ago I said that Miss Terry had come out of retirement to help me hang paneling in our garage. Of course, anybody who has known us for very long knows that she was the one running the project and doing all the thinking and planning. I was the helper who spent as much time getting in the way as anything else.

With most of that job pretty much completed, I had a suspicion Terry wasn’t done yet. I think tools are an addiction with her, and once she gets her hands on them she doesn’t want to let go.

Her latest project was building a new kitchen cabinet. When we had the new flooring laid in the kitchen a small cabinet that sat between our refrigerator and stove basically fell apart when they moved it. It was a cheap thing made of pressed wood, like so much stuff is these days, and Terry wanted to replace it with something better.

At a local cabinet shop she found a prefab cabinet that she could assemble and finish to match the rest of the kitchen. Putting it together was a bit of a challenge because the instructions were just a series of pictures that didn’t match what she had, with no written instructions.

But it didn’t take her long to figure it out and get the thing assembled.

The next step was to make a top for the new cabinet. She had an old butcher block top sitting in the garage that had seen better days. A section of it had come apart, so she glued everything back together, then spent a lot of time sanding it smooth. By the time she was done you couldn’t tell where the repair had been made.Then she sanitized it by scrubbing it with salt, using lemon halves, and finished it with avocado oil.

By the time she was done, it looked pretty darn good.

And here is the cabinet with the top installed.

Yesterday we moved it into the kitchen and set it in place, and I think it looks pretty good there, don’t you?

While Terry was doing all of that, I was staying out of her way as much as possible. With the help of my friend Jim Lewis, I managed to get the new winch installed on the scissor trailer that I will use to put the pontoon boat in the garage. Now that we have that taken care of, as soon as the wind lets up a little bit I hope to get the boat in the water and get it wet.

It has been windy the last few days, and that combined with a lack of rain has caused several brushfires to spread here in Florida. There is one a few miles from our house that has closed Interstate 95 between New Smyrna Beach and Port Orange to the north. The news last night said the road would remain closed at least until sometime this morning. No structures are threatened, and we are far enough away from it that we don’t have to worry. Hopefully they will get that and the other fires extinguished soon.

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Thought For The Day – This morning my brain said “crunches” but my stomach autocorrected it to “cupcakes.”

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  4 Responses to “She’s Still At It”

  1. Nice work, Terry.

  2. You GO Miss Terry!! Beautiful job! Course I knew you could do it. I wish I was that talented!!

    Fires in Florida? I had no idea. Glad you guys are out of the way. California has been praying for rain and finally got a gully washer!! Lucky for me, I’m out of the way too!

  3. Nice cabinet, you should show use a picture of that boat.

  4. Miss Terry is amazing! I get frustrated just trying to decipher instructions that are only pictures. I know how to read; give me instructions in writing! If the company wants to include pictures also, great, but also give me words. There are lots of ways to learn and pictures only is not how my brain is wired.

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