It Could Be Worse

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Mar 032018

After a couple of weeks of temperatures in the mid-80s, we’ve got a cold front coming our way and yesterday only got up to 72°. At 11:30 last night the temperature was 17° colder than it was at the same time the night before, and the weatherman says we will be in the 60s for the next week or so. Of course, it could be worse. Watching news footage of the massive storm slamming the Northeast and New England states, I’m grateful to be here in Florida.

Many of you have been asking how I’m feeling, given my recent back problems. It’s an ongoing issue I have dealt with ever since my Army days, and I would usually get a flare up a couple times a year. But this last episode has been much worse and lasted much longer than ever before. For the last two weeks it’s been two steps forward and one step backward every day. I’ve been to the VA, to an ER to rule out anything like a kidney stone, and I’m seeing a chiropractor three times a week. She’s at least got me to the point where I’m not walking with two canes anymore, and overall my pain level is much lower. I know that eventually I’m going to have to look into a more permanent solution, and I am doing some research and weighing my options.

The VA’s answer has always been to give me pain meds, but pills just temporarily mask the pain and don’t solve the problem. And I’m always hesitant to take any kind of hard-core drugs because they leave me in too much of a fog. I’m probably paranoid, but I’ve seen what can happen to people who start out using them for legitimate reasons and wind up getting hooked on that crap. I did take a few a couple of weeks ago during the worst of this flare-up, but stopped as soon as possible.

One thing I want to do to help my back is to replace my recliner. It’s a big leather chair that looks like it should be very comfortable. But when I sit in it I find myself sliding into a slouch that puts extra strain on my lower back. So the other day Terry and I went shopping to see what we could find.

Whenever we are furniture shopping, we always run into the same issue. We both are short and our legs barely reach the ground when we are standing up, let alone when sitting back in most chairs. So we are always looking for something that actually fits us, and usually not successfully. We did find a very nice Flexsteel double recliner that we both liked a lot and we are considering it.

While we were at that furniture store, we saw something really impressive, a Cozzia massage chair. Now, this isn’t one of those cheapie vibrating chairs like you see at most places. This puppy looks like something out of Star Trek, and totally envelops your arms, legs, and torso, then uses all kinds of computer controlled sensors that read your body, then tell it just where to massage you, and with how much pressure from your neck, shoulders, back, and hips, and all the way down to the soles of your feet.

The salesman invited us to sit down and experience it, but at $6,000 I told him I really wasn’t interested in something that sophisticated. He said no problem, lots of people come in just to sit in it and get their weekly massage. So what the heck, I took it for a ride. Two minutes into the 15 minute demo I told Miss Terry that if that chair could learn to make pizza as well as she does, she’d be history. She didn’t see the humor in that, but when it was her turn in the chair it didn’t take her very long to ask, “Nick who?” She was so relaxed I thought I might have to buy the darn thing and have it delivered just to get her back home!

Things have been so hectic for the last few weeks, between getting ready for visitors out of town, having Terry’s mom and dad here with us for a week, getting the garage emptied out so it could be spray foamed and then putting everything back in it, my physical problems, and having the new flooring put in the house that we have been on the go pretty much nonstop and we were both wiped out. So yesterday, except for a quick trip to the chiropractor’s, we stayed home and didn’t do much of anything. We just really needed a down day. And it felt so good we may have to do the same thing today!

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Thought For The Day – The easiest way for your children to learn the value of money is for you not to have any.

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  1. Stressless Recliners come in sizes. We were able to get one that fit short me as well as one that fit tall Dave done in the same fabric so they looked like a set.

  2. Please be careful of those vibrating recliners? My 80 year old mother sat all evening in her favorite recliner with a vibrating pad on her back, and it resulted in three compression fractures in her back! I’m now 80 and I don’t trust those things at all! Of course, one experience doesn’t mean it would happen to anyone else, but just something to be careful of.

  3. We have purchased 3 Best recliners for our motorhomes. Surprisingly, they fit both Terry at 6’2″ and me at 5’1″. They are similar to a Lazy Boy in style, but the LB’s did not fit us well. These do the job. . . even with my back issues. Our current ones are 10 years old and still going strong. Back then they were around $500 each.

    The best thing I ever did for myself was to have back surgery. I have suffered with problems since I was first diagnosed with spondylolisthesis at age 20. Found out I had more than one “break” in my back and I was beginning to have more and more problems walking. I had done physical therapy numerous times, acupuncture, shots, pain pills, inversion tables, etc., over the years. So I decided to have something done before I got too “old” to have anything done. After 46 years of almost constant pain and discomfort I can truly say I am pain free. I really didn’t know that 99.9% of my pain was caused by nerves related to my back condition. Now after 2 rods, 6 screws, 2 cages and 3 fusions with implants, I am pain free. I cannot fee what’s in my back, nothing is numb, and I am still “flexible.” 🙂 Occasionally I have an ache from arthritis, which is covered by one tylenol. When/if you decide to take the plunge, find yourself a neurosurgeon who specializes in backs. A neurosurgeon is going to be better at moving nerves out of the way. That “non-invasive” surgery at “spinal institutes” I have found for the most part to not do what I needed. Friends who have used them have never been satisfied, even after multiples surgeries. My doctor was recommended by a friend who between her and her family (congential spinal defects) had had multiple successful surgeries. I have one more checkup, my one year, before being totally released. However, 7 days after surgery I was doing a mile at the local mall and within a month was doing my 2 miles. Now it’s 2.5 miles of painfree walking daily. Incidentally, that is the only exercise my doctor requires. He says that walking gets the spinal fluid moving up/down your spine which is what heals your back. I have no restrictions beyond what my body tells me.

  4. hahahha Terry looks SO COMFY! Shhhhhh

  5. I sold furniture for many years, including Flexsteel and Lazyboy. Both are quality products. I also have a problem finding the right fit. I finally bought the “Amelia” recliner at Lazboy a few years ago but because I’m almost as wide as I am tall, 5’4″, and the seat cushion didn’t hold up. I replaced it last year with another Amelia but this time, paid extra for the memory foam seat cushion. I think the extra charge was $150. Big difference in support and it still sits like new. The style isn’t necessarily a fashion statement, but comfort is way more important.
    The stores carry very few recliners in stock with the memory foam cushion, so when I special ordered it , they agreed to take it back if it didn’t feel right.
    A good thing to remember when buying, if you are almost always reclined, it probably won’t matter whether your feet touch the floor when sitting. It they touch the floor when sitting, then when you recline your feet will extend past the edge of the footrest. It’s one or the other. The Lazboy rocking recliner allows you to have the footrest in a wide variety of positions and the back is independent of the position the footrest is in. Most of the other brands don’t have this feature and I believe Lazboy still has the patent on this.
    I found after testing a variety of brands, I still came back to Lazboy. The other recliner they have for the shorty’s that’s really comfortable is the Harbortown. The drawback for me is the thin arms because the fabric doesn’t stay cushy and my elbows ache when the fabric flattens. It feels great on the back though.

    Good Luck!

  6. We got Ekorne Stressless chairs from Scan Design. Probably any Scandanavian furniture type store would carry them. Come in different sizes for different body types. Lumbar support! They are great!

  7. Boy, do I hear you about furniture that is not made for small people.

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