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Mar 262018

I think it’s about time to share some more questions from my readers and my answers back to them. Maybe you will learn something useful here today.

Q. I sat in on one your seminars a few years ago and I remember you mentioning an RV club for people with handicaps. At the time, it didn’t register with me. But my wife’s health has declined in the last two years to where she is now in a wheelchair fulltime. Can you refresh my memory on the club for handicapped people who still want to RV?

A. I am sorry for your wife’s problems. The group you are referring to is the Handicapped Travel Club and their website is

Q. Can you recommend something that will make it easier for me to find TV signals when I’m setting up my satellite dish?

A. There’s a reason they call satellite signal finders marriage savers. Here is an inexpensive one that will get the job done and make your life a lot easier

Q. Now that you and Terry are off the road, will you drop your memberships in Thousand Trails, Escapees, Passport America, etc.?

A. We sold our Thousand Trails membership to one of our blog readers. We are lifetime members of Escapees and Passport America, so we don’t have any dues to pay, and I can’t see any reason to drop the memberships just because we are not using them. We have no plans to go back on the road, but who knows what the future might hold? I’ve been surprised more than once in my life.

Q. I have a two wheel drive, half ton Ford pickup that I would love to take with me as our tow vehicle, but I’m told I can’t tow it four wheels down, or even putting the front wheels on a dolly. I really don’t want to have to buy a trailer to haul it on. Do you have any suggestions?

A. For years we towed a three-quarter ton rear wheel drive Ford van behind our motorhome using a Remco driveshaft disconnect. Here is a link to more information  

Q. I know in the past you have said that you loved your Sea Eagle kayaks, but now you and Miss Terry have bought conventional hard kayaks. Do you have any interest in selling your Sea Eagles? We would like to get a couple of them to carry in our motorhome.

A. We are not ready to part with our Sea Eagles at this point. It will be nice to have a couple of extra kayaks around when company visits and we want to take them paddling.

Q. We are technically challenged and don’t have smart phones. It seems like everything today is an app. Can you recommend a book that will help us find places to get fuel and campgrounds near interstate highways without us having to get off and drive around looking for them?

A. Get yourself a copy of The Next Exit book. Every RVer should have one, even if they

use a smart phone or tablet. Sometimes cell signals can be spotty and there will come a time when you’re glad you have it

Q. The tires on our recently purchased motorhome are over nine years old but look like they are almost new. The person we bought the RV from said they only have about 20,000 miles on them, and because he kept it in the carport we are good to go and don’t need to replace them. I have always heard seven years is about the max. Do you think we would be okay to keep running these tires or should we replace them?

A. I wouldn’t be comfortable going down the highway with nine year old tires, no matter how good they look. Tires can deteriorate just from setting, and a blow out at highway speeds could kill you.

Q. What is the name of the software you use to dictate when you are writing your books?

A. I use Dragon Naturally Speaking, Here is a link to it on Amazon

Q. The whole world seems to have turned anti-gun after the recent school shootings. We keep a shotgun and a handgun in our fifth wheel and wonder if we are going to have a problem checking into campgrounds if we have them with us. Do you think it will be an issue?

A. In almost 18 years of fulltime RVing, we never checked into a campground that insisted on searching our vehicle to see what we may have inside of it. Nor were we ever asked if we had a firearm. Except for checking into a military fam-camp, if you are authorized to use them, I don’t believe it will be an issue. This is one of those things where the less said, the better.

Q. I just found another leak in my sewer hose. It seems like I have to replace a hose every season. Can you recommend a good one that will hold up and not wear out too quickly?

A. We always used the Rhino hoses. They last a long time and are well worth the extra money compared to the cheap sewer hoses that a lot of RVers use.

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Thought For The Day – When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.

Nick Russell

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  1. This is a recommendation on sewer hoses. We only put out the sewer hose when we need it. We dump about once a week as we have a 75 gallon grey water and a 75 gallon black water tank. You need to let the fluid build up in the tanks so you do not get pyramiding anyway. The UV rays of the sun deteriorate the sewer hose so letting the hose just sit out when not in use is not a good idea. A Rhino hose for us lasts many years (8-10 years).

  2. Adding to the conversation … if there happen to be crows (or any similar bird) where you are camping, they will actually poke holes in your sewer lines trying to get to the stinky smelling food inside. It was especially bad in Oregon and Washington. I only put my hoses out when I was dumping or doing laundry and Rhino hoses are the best.

  3. Before we put on the brakes and made the decision to park our rig in any assigned spot, I always used an app on my phone called AP Dishpointer. It helped me locate the paths of satellites in the sky that were required for my DirecTV dish to get a good signal. Often, we had to jockey the coach forward or backward a foot or two (or more!) to avoid a tree branch for a better shot at a satellite. VERY helpful!

  4. I’m paying attention for when I do get my little trailer put back together.

  5. I’m not an RVer but I am very interested in when we will see “Big Lake Fugitive” released. I just plowed through the first 13 in the series and can’t wait for the next.

    Thanks – jLow

  6. Hi Jerri,
    It will be out this summer. Right now I’m working on the fourth book in the John Lee Quarrels series.

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