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Mar 162018

I guess if you raise enough hell on social media and in a blog it gets things done, since yesterday we received our long awaited refund from SimpliSafe for the alarm system we returned weeks ago. It’s about time.

The refund will just about cover the cost of all the material we bought to finish off the inside of the garage. By the way, I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that we really appreciate the 10% discount Lowes gives to all veterans. That came to a pretty good chunk of money when we bought everything the other day. If you’re a veteran, just get the free My Lowes card and show it to the clerk when you check out, and they automatically give you the discount. This is not a credit card, it simply verifies your veteran’s status.

Now if the pending deal on our motorhome will just close like they said it was going to do today. Supposedly it was all worked out, but then PPL’s sales manager called yesterday afternoon to say that the starting batteries were dead and needed to be replaced. I asked him if they had turned on the battery disconnect switch inside the front entry and he didn’t know. He just knew it needed new batteries. I told him that the batteries were brand new and installed last June, and still under their three year warranty. All they have to do is take them to an Auto Zone and get them replaced. The sales manager hemmed and hawed about that, saying that was a lot of work for his people to do. Hey, you guys are making several thousand dollars commission on the sale, get off your butts and do it.

In a blog the other day I talked about RV insurance companies. Which reminded me of the TV commercials for Liberty Mutual where the two brain dead teenagers have a flat tire and need their insurance company to come and save them. Really?

Have kids really become that helpless? When I was a teenager, a million years ago, even the girls I knew could change a tire. I guess we were all strong enough for the job because we didn’t have power steering, we actually had to shift our transmissions, and if it was too hot inside our cars we rolled the windows down by hand. If you are too dumb or immature to handle a simple problem like changing a tire, I don’t want you driving down the road in my direction in a ton of steel. What the heck are you going to do if a real problem comes up? The Liberty Mutual ad reminds me of the wimps in Oregon whining because in some places they now have to pump their own gas, which was illegal statewide until recently.

It’s kind of like the people who are always freaked out about dumping their RV’s holding tank. I just don’t see what the problem is with that. You hook up a hose, you pull the valve to your black tank, when it’s empty you close that valve and pull the valve to your gray tank to wash everything out, then you close that valve and you put the hose away. Didn’t these people ever change a diaper when they had kids? If they are that terrified of bodily wastes, I suspect I know who is letting their dog crap all over the campground and not picking up after it. As my son Travis used to say, some people’s children…

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Thought For The Day – Sometimes I wish I was an octopus, so I could slap eight people at once.

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  15 Responses to “Finally”

  1. When you were a teenager shops didn’t have power tools that tighten lug nuts down to unreasonable levels. We even had one shop that put the lug nut on crooked then used the power tool on it. We didn’t know he’d stripped the threads until the next time we went to rotate the tires.

  2. Ya know Nick, the only exercise these snowflakes get is when the batteries on their electric toothbrush goes dead.

  3. boy did you hit that nail on the head with teenagers. you could do a whole blog
    As long as they have electric power and their phone and daddy’s money they can conquer anything
    oh yeah and high-paying 15 hour workweek

  4. Welcome back Bad Nick. We have missed you and I agree 100%.

    Please catch lots of big fish.

  5. Finally found someone to explain that ad to me. I don’t get it. The two boys got a flat. They call home for help. But the part I don’t get, the mother son at the end. Who are they and what is the point of them being there. I don’t get it and it frustrates me every time!

  6. I can feel Bad Nick oozing out of your pores today. Keep it up.

  7. Hey Nick, take it easy on the teens. Do you know how hard it is trying to do things while holding a phone in one hand.

    Can you see a new business ahead “Get your tanks emptied here only $$.”

  8. People talk about the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. Just look around, I think that it’s already here!

  9. Hey Nick you are in full form today! By the way I am one of those people in Oregon that could not believe it when they passed the law letting people pump their own gas and the complainers came out of the woodwork! That is one of my pet peeves since moving to Oregon, it sometimes takes 15 minutes of waiting in line to get gas because you cant pump your own and have to wait on an attendent to put the nozzle in and then come back when it is done! By the way, that law is in effect only in some parts of Oregon, not all, just the smaller counties and cities, so you wont really know when you can pump your own if you visit! Just to make life interesting I guess!

  10. I also greatly appreciate the Lowes discount. But verifying my service was a bit of a hassle with them. The on line failed and no one at the store knew what they s re doing. They were nice but lost, it worked out in the end.

    I had e an you had a sale pending hope it works out. I had heard good and bad about PPL from both buyers and sellers.

    Nice p!are to watch for prices..

    Good luck.

  11. As a professional rv tank technician I will give you a big tip…. your description of “how” to handle your black and gray tanks are the exact reason we see things like mold and struvite in tanks. There is a real way to manage and care for the RV holding tanks system, then there is granddad’s way (your way). Most people do the granddad’s way (your way) and they have smells and their sensors stopped working moons ago. The real way to care and maintain an RV holding system produces zero smells, no need for ANY chemicals or tank treatments (its a holding tank system, not a septic system) and works flawless. Most folks don’t know the correct way. Just fyi.

  12. Nick if you register with Lowe’s, online with your phone number, you will never have to show them a card again. Just give them your phone number at the cash register or when doing online purchases and you automatically get the veterans discount.
    Best Buy will also match the discount when purchasing appliances.

  13. Wait a minute K Dillmann… You write that whole, long, paragraph on how not to dump the tanks then you don’t mention the simple wondrous way to do it!

    It sounds like an ad for an E-book on ‘How to dump your tanks’…

    I’d imagine it’s something like a good flushing but that’s just a guess cause I’m just a grandfather living with a black tank & not “a professional rv tank technician”.

    Care to share the secret?

  14. Rob, the “Secret” is NOT to use ANY THING in those holding tanks EXCEPT for plain water, and lots of it. Never empty a tank that is not full, even if it means you fill the tank up with water then dump it!

    Granddad’s way of tank maintenance is to drop or pour chemicals or SOAP AND ICE CUBES into a plastic holding tank…. breaking down the poop and tissue paper is the WRONG thing to do…. it is what causes the smells and the sensors to become corroded….

    Never thought about writing an eBook, but love the opportunity to show you what my plumbing camera sees when it goes up inside your black tank AFTER you have opened and drained your black tank’s contents….

    The RV industry as a whole are in the business to make money, and lots of it. That said, keep in mind… our RV’s do not have leach fields attached to the rear end of the RV and therefore, one should not be caring and maintaining the HOLDING tanks as septic tanks.

    I know it’s hard to re-train and old dog new tricks…. some breeds are better than others…..

    Final note: If you have EVER used a tank treatment then it is highly recommended that you have your tanks professional cleaned out, AND #2 use a water softener between your water source and your RV. Add 1 cup liquid Calgon to 7 to 10 gallons of water AFTER EACH DUMP. The Calgon helps keep the water and your urine soft inside that tank so the STRUVITE does not form and also helps keep your black tank clean.

    PS… an eBook eh? I don’t have time…

  15. We also like the Lowe’s discount

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