A Wild And Crazy Trio

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Mar 122018

Bike Week, spring break, and St. Patrick’s Day all at the same time. Talk about a wild and crazy trio! And you wonder why I’m not going anywhere near Daytona Beach for the next week or so? No, thank you, I’ll stay right here in our little town of Edgewater, where things are a bit quieter, if it’s all the same to you.

That’s not to say that it’s very quiet around here right now. All of those bikers like to get out and ride, exploring the area. We can hear the deep rumble of Harley-Davidsons day and night, and everywhere we go we see bikes and bikers having a good time.

Unfortunately, every year there are a couple of serious accidents, and we’ve already had at least one that I know of that involved two automobiles and three motorcycles. A friend sent me this picture of the aftermath. No word on the extent of any injuries yet. Hopefully there won’t be any more incidents.

Somebody asked if I wasn’t at least a little bit curious about going into Daytona Beach just to see all the biker chicks running around in their skimpy’s. Why would I do that when we’ve got a whole beach full of girls flashing lots of flesh even when it’s not spring break?

Miss Terry doesn’t mind if I look at all those sexy girls soaking up the sun on the beach, she says it’s all harmless. She said I’m kind of like a dog she had that used to chase cars. Even if he caught one, he wouldn’t be able to drive it.

And I will say that while I do admire a good-looking girl in a tiny bikini, I’m always a gentleman. I don’t care how much tanned and toned flesh they’re showing, I always keep my eyes focused on the parts they have covered up!

Except for a run to Publix for groceries that Terry made on Saturday, we stayed home all weekend. Terry has been busy on her computer, catching up on a bunch of fiber arts videos she wanted to see, and I cranked out a little over 6,000 words in my next John Lee Quarrels book. Between all of the home remodeling projects we had going on, Terry’s folks visiting for a week, and my back problems, I’m way behind schedule. I had hoped for an early March release, but obviously that didn’t happen. But it’s getting there folks, I promise you.

With the weekend behind us, we’ve got some things going on in the next few days, including more visits to the chiropractor’s office, picking up some building materials to finish out a project, and a couple of other things I’ll be telling you about later on if everything works out.

I mentioned above that Edgewater is a little town, and you might wonder just how little it actually is. This sign pretty much explains it.

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Congratulations Ray Grassman, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Ken Rossignol’s Pirate Trials: Famous Murderous Pirates Book Series: THE LIVES AND ADVENTURES of FAMOUS and SUNDRY PIRATES. We had 28 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – Some folks learn by reading and some folks learn from observation, and some folks have to learn by peeing on the electric fence themselves.

Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “A Wild And Crazy Trio”

  1. Oh man … sorry to see those bikes in that shape. Hope everyone was okay.

  2. Nother words what you’re saying is Miss Terry is not gonna let you go past the 13th parking lot at Pla-Linda beach ??

  3. That would be a big 10-4 Ed. 🙂

  4. I’ve been writing my brains out for 3 months. Hope to take a break soon. I’ll pass my concentration cells to you.

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