A Great Little Find

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Mar 182018

As I said in yesterday’s blog, using the self-drilling screws to attach the furring strips in our garage wasn’t working out, and I planned to get some carbide tipped drill bits to make drilling pilot holes easier. We have a great little family owned business just a mile or so from us called Anchor Hardware, and its our “go to” place whenever we need something. When I went there yesterday in search of drill bits, they told me to try the cobalt drill bits they carry.

Talk about a game changer! Those puppies made drilling the pilot holes easy, and with that problem solved we went at it like gangbusters yesterday. We finished hanging all of the furring strips on one 50 foot long wall of the garage and put up panels on about 3/4 of it. We would have had the whole wall finished, except that Miss Terry had to cut holes in the paneling for a couple of electrical outlets, and around two windows. Having the right tool for the right job sure makes a difference. We’ll see how much more we get done today.

In our many years exploring the highways and back roads of America as fulltime RVers, we always liked discovering little out of the way restaurants that only the locals know about. Like I said before, a Grand Slam at Denny’s in Portland is going to be just like the one you get in Paducah, and neither one of them will compare to the food you get in those small town places. The other day we happened upon a great little find right here in Edgewater, called the BlueMule Deli.

As I understand it, the building once held a Red & White Grocery, a small chain of stores that began back in the mid-1920s. The name Red & White can still be seen etched into the front of the building above the door. Apparently the owners of the deli that now occupy the location once had a dog named Blue Mule, so they just added BlueMule to the name.

At any rate, as soon as we walked in the door we were impressed. There’s nothing fancy about this place, mind you, just a long counter where they take your order, a cooler against the back wall with beer and sodas, a deli cooler, and a scattering of tables and chairs. But the ladies behind the counter were super friendly, and the selection of sandwiches, deli meats, and other goodies was impressive.

We both ordered Cuban sandwiches, and one bite told us everything we needed to know. They were absolutely delicious. This is a place we will definitely be going back to on a regular basis! Our only problem will be choosing which of the many different sandwiches they offer next time around.

Apparently, the folks at the deli have a sense of humor, as evidenced by this sign taped to the wall in the bathroom.

They also had this smaller sign on the top of the toilet tank. Yeah, I can relate. As I’ve gotten older, my plumbing is more sensitive, too. But let’s not talk about leaks, okay?

Speaking of food, I don’t eat pickles, so I had them hold the pickle on my Cuban. Actually, I don’t eat many veggies if I can avoid them. I’m basically a carnivore. But I just saw that Sonic drive-ins are coming out with a pickle flavored slushy this summer. Don’t ask me why. You can read about it here.

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Thought For The Day – Money talks, but all mine ever says is good-bye.

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  5 Responses to “A Great Little Find”

  1. Your link did not take me to Sonic

  2. She’s right, the link didn’t take you to sonic, but took you to Delish ,,however I do like the idea of peeps Jell-O shots

  3. We recently went to a food fair here in Ajo, Southern Arizona, and saw pickle slushie on the menu at a slushie booth. Must be the “in” thing. Doesn’t sound too appealing to me either! Wonder if it is dill or sweet?

  4. Since I drink pickle juice, I think I would like the slushie just fine. If you ever come to Ludington, try Chez John and House of Flavors.

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