Well, This Might Suck

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Feb 052018

We have been very busy the last week or so getting ready for the arrival of Terry’s parents tomorrow. They are flying in from Phoenix to spend a week with us, and there were a lot of things we wanted to get done around the house before they get here.

And we got most of them done, including some painting, power washing, cleaning, making sure there are fresh linens on the bed in the guest bedroom, and all those things you do when you have company coming. So, I think we’re just about ready. Except for one small detail.

Terry is sick. She always underplays everything when it comes to her and how she is feeling, but she’s got the makings of a first-class cold that is starting to kick her butt. So she’s been downing cold meds, vitamin C, and ibuprofen, hoping to ward it off, and all the while assuring me she is fine. I hope she can get a handle on it, because if she doesn’t, it will really suck for them to come all this way just to sit around and watch her being sick.

Of course, her parents, Pete and Bess, are wonderful people who adore all three of their daughters, so I know they’ll be happy just to be here with her. But it would be nice if she felt well enough to enjoy their visit.

Yesterday we went to Lowes in Daytona Beach to return some things we had bought but didn’t need, made a stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond so Terry could pick up new towels and a rug for the guest bathroom, and then we did a drive-by at Daytona Beach International Airport to scope things out ahead of their arrival. We have never been to this airport before and didn’t want to show up and not know where to park or where to meet them.

As it turns out, it’s a small airport, and it should be pretty easy. We saw a security guard and stopped and asked him where the best place to park would be and he pointed out a short-term parking lot right across from the terminal where the first 15 minutes is free, and then it’s only a dollar an hour after that.

We got a chuckle when he asked what airline they were flying in on and I said Delta, and his reply was “Good, that means they’ll be on time. If they were coming in on American they could be an hour and a half late. But Delta is always on time.” Apparently he’s not a fan of American Airlines.

It cost us a few dollars more to fly them into Daytona Beach instead of Orlando, but it’s much closer to home and there is a lot less traffic and congestion deal with. That’s well worth the price, if you ask me.

Since we were only a couple of blocks from Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet, our favorite Chinese place around here, it seemed only fitting that we go there for dinner. Terry didn’t even have to twist my arm real hard to get me to agree to it.

Today we have a couple of errands to run and a few small chores around the house to get finished, depending on how Terry is feeling. And then tomorrow is the big day. We are looking forward to seeing her parents, but as it turns out the timing could have been better. Not just because Terry isn’t feeling good, but also because their plane arrives at 1:29 PM tomorrow, exactly one minute before the scheduled takeoff of the Falcon Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral.

Of course, that wasn’t on the calendar back when I made their airline reservations. It will be the most powerful rocket ever launched, and I would have loved to be standing down on our dock when it lifted off. We’ve seen a lot of rocket launches since we’ve been here, but this one is going to be historic.

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Thought For The Day – I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.

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  4 Responses to “Well, This Might Suck”

  1. Standing on your dock watching the rocket take off? I’m jealous!

  2. Terry – try some Zicam (or generic) – I find the meltable tablets a huge help in warding off a cold or reducing the symptoms. I keep a bottle handy. Enjoy your company!
    We’re scoping out a place to watch the launch tomorrow from our area – is your dock for rent? 🙂 Seriously, lots of good viewing down in Cocoa, including our driveway.

  3. Run out and get Terry some Sambucca (elderberry syrup). A tablespoon or two every couple of hours will knock that cold out in no time.

  4. All our parents are long passed. Enjoy the visit, cold or no cold.

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