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Feb 012018

In a blog post a couple of days ago titled What To Do? What To Do? I said I was trying to decide whether to buy my wife’s husband a Mustang fastback or a pontoon boat for Valentine’s Day. As an author, I know how important research is, so I went and drove a Mustang, and decided that while it was a really pretty (and really fast) car, it probably wasn’t the right thing to buy my wife’s husband. The guy has been known to have a lead foot.

That left the pontoon boat to consider, but as I said in that blog post, even though our garage is huge inside, it has a standard garage door about 7 feet high and a pontoon boat on a traditional trailer is too high and won’t fit. Rich, the salesman I had been talking to at Gerry’s Marina, suggested he send one of their guys over to our house with the same model of boat on a scissor trailer, which cranks up and down to lift or lower a boat. Rich was pretty sure it would fit with no problem once the trailer was cranked down.

So the other day one of their guys came by with a 20 foot Bennington on a scissor trailer, backed it into our driveway, turned the handle a few times to lower the boat, and it went right inside with no problem at all. Miss Terry and our friend Jim Lewis both agreed that it looked pretty good sitting there, too!

No, I haven’t bought a boat yet, but Rich did make me a heck of an offer. He wants us to come by and actually take one out on the water and see how it rides. If we have time we may do that. If I do buy the boat, I’ll have to find a scissor trailer, since nobody around here actually stocks them. And I’ll have to sell my Key Largo 16 foot center console. It’s a nice boat, but when I bought it I did so with the idea of it being a starter boat to see what I thought of having one. It’s fine for Terry and me, but if you have a third person fishing with you it gets pretty crowded.

After reading the blog about the boat, someone said that at my age, I should not be buying guns, and boats, and cars, but instead, I should be planning for the future. See, here’s the thing. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Let’s face it. I’m a 65-year-old fat man who has had two heart attacks. The odds that I will die long before Terry does are pretty certain. And if that happens, that lady is going to have a heck of a dowry to attract whoever replaces me. It really is all about her. You get that, right?

On another note, we all know that privacy disappeared the first time somebody figured out a way to connect a computer to the Internet. But sometimes it’s pretty scary when you realize how much of your information is out there for the world to access. Anybody who has done an Internet search for cars or barbecue grills or whatever, knows that within a day or so ads for those kind of items will start popping up on your Internet newsfeeds, on Facebook, or anywhere you go online. The same as they do when you buy something online.

But I was surprised to realize just how far this goes. A while back we started scanning all of our receipts from Walmart into their Savings Catcher app. The app compares the price a customer pays for an item at their store with advertised prices at other local retailers. If somebody else has the item for less money, the difference is added to your Savings Catcher account. Usually it’s only a few pennies, although a couple times it’s been more than a dollar per receipt. And, of course, many times we just get a message saying that nobody beat Walmart’s price that time around.

At any rate, we had accumulated about $77 in our Savings Catcher account and I didn’t know how to use it. So the other day when we were at Walmart, I went up to the customer service desk to find out. As it turned out, the first two people I spoke to didn’t know either, but they called a young a sales associate over and she quickly set it up on my telephone so all I have to do is scan a little code at the checkout and it credits the amount in my Savings Catcher account to my purchase. Quick and easy. Then, she told me that to speed things up when checking out, I had the option to choose one of my credit or debit cards to automatically be used for the balance of the purchase, if there was one, and pulled up every credit card I have to ask which one I wanted to use. I know for a fact that I haven’t used all of those cards at Walmart before, so I have no idea how they knew which ones I had and what the card numbers were. Amazing.

So the next time you freak out because the kid next door is flying a drone and you’re sure he’s spying on you, calm down. People with a lot more money and a lot more ability than someone like that already knows all there is to know about you.

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Thought For The Day – I love you like a fat kid loves a chocolate cake.

Nick Russell

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  16 Responses to “Well, It Fit”

  1. Boat (pontoon or otherwise) … a big hole you pour money into. That thing is huge and comes with huge problems getting it in and out of the water. They make it look easy, but it’s not, especially if there is the slightest breeze. Trust me, I had a 24 foot cabin cruiser that was nothing but a pain in the patootie. After the first three months I hated it!!! It took an average of three hours maintenance for every hour on the water. Just say’n …………….

    btw … BBC television has a Thursday Night DARTS competition. Those guys are crazy good!!!

  2. Remember George Orwell……1984!!
    Well he had it a tad too early.

  3. Totally agree Nick, we always say better go ahead and do it. Who knows, this could be our last trip to the southwest.
    Of course we said that last winter as well:)
    I like the way you think. Now I’m going to go and think about my dowry……

  4. I was appalled at your misogynistic comment today about a dowry. Do you have any idea how demeaning this is to women? Or do you just don’t care? For some reason I thought you were better than that Nick. Boy was I wrong! A dowry implies that a woman is no more than a burden to be taken on and there has to be a reward for doing so. NOT SO!!!!! Do you expect your “little woman” to fetch your pipe and slippers when you come home every day too? While you buy your big fancy boat and red sports car, does she stand meekly by barefoot and pregnant, hoping to get a small allowance to feed the children and put clothes on their backs? Do you make her ride in the bed of the pickup so your dog can sit up front with you? Wake up. It’s the 21st Century and you are still stuck in the 1600s. Oh, I better be careful or you will have me burned at the stake for being a witch! What a sad little excuse for a man you are. I will no longer becoming here to read your daily dose of diarrhea. This is not a safe place for women.

  5. Nancy – an RV is a hole in the highway you pour money into. Same concept. Whatever floats your boat… I mean honks your horn. 🙂

  6. Kathy, where is your sense of humor?

  7. I have to disagree with the comment about a boat being nothing but a money hole. I imagine it is for some people–but not for everyone.

    I grew up on Lake Havasu and I’ve been driving boats since I was 13. At 14 I was driving myself back and forth on the lake, ALONE, to get to school. For years a boat was primarily a vehicle of transportation for me.

    My husband and I went without a boat for over a dozen years, when we decided to get one again. We started with an old pontoon boat. We enjoyed it, but not as much as the new one we purchased a few weeks ago. Nick, knowing your and Terri’s lifestyle, I say go for the boat.

    We use the boat all the time. Of course, we also live on the lake and we keep the boat in the marina. This means, when I finish writing early in the afternoon, and it is sunny without wind, Don and I take off in the boat for the afternoon. It is my happy place. Our dog loves it too.

    Of course, it is not for everyone. I have seen people move to Havasu with their boat, and after a few months they never take it out again. As for the money pit, that often happens when a person uses their boat only sporadically, so that when they do take it out there always seems to be some problem that needs money thrown at it.

    Of course, no one said it was cheap. After the purchase of the boat there is gas and maintenance. Plus the monthly slip fee. We also have someone clean the pontoons once a month so they don’t get gross in the water.

  8. I loved your comments about Miss Terry’s dowry so please don’t let Kathy’s tirade stop you. I really look forward to reading your blog every day and enjoy your humor very much.

  9. Kathy H. makes it sound like Bad Nick is back!

  10. Wow! Kathy needs to get a life. What bit her in the ass? Everybody that knows you knows how you feel about Terry. She has been like a pillar for you to lean on many times. And I know how you “revere” her. Obviously Kathy hasn’t been following you for very long. Stay the way you are Nick.

  11. For the lady that said you need to prepare for the future, at age 65 you are in the future. Duh.,.,,

  12. Wow! All I can about Kathy is wow! Won’t you love to live next to her?

  13. Nick you just keep setting Terri’s dowry up! You are hilarious! Those of us who read you daily know the deep love you have for Terri and the sense of humor that you have. That is why we come back daily to read your adventures.

  14. I have a boat and love it. At the age of 73 I purchased a kayak and love it more. Never get old. Enjoy each and every day.

  15. Yeah, the privacy thing really makes me go want to live in the woods and never interact. But that won’t sell books. :/

  16. Oh, Kathy—I feel very sorry for you because you sound bitter & mad at the world. It’s totally obvious that you seldom read Nick’s blog because if you did you would realize just how much he loves & reveres his “Miss Terry.” You’d also realize that this blog is more evidence of his warped (sorry friend Nick, but slightly true!) sense of humor. You need to relax, have a glass of wine and as my son once taught me—
    Smell the roses,
    (long, slow inhale)
    Blow out the candles.
    (slowly exhale)
    Repeat X3

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