The Snowbirds Are Back

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Feb 042018

Traffic is heavier on the local roads, stores are busier, and restaurants that we used to be able to walk right into and get a table now have waiting times to be seated. Yes indeed, the snowbirds are back in Florida. Some people who live here year round grumble about that, but the business community sure appreciates them. And having been snowbirds ourselves for many years, we have no problem with all of our winter visitors.

Of course people are not the only snowbirds showing up. Yesterday I noticed these two Osprey have returned to their nest in a tree across the street from our house. They come here every year, and though they can be noisy at times, we always enjoy seeing them and watching as they hatch their eggs and raise their fledglings. They are huge, magnificent birds.

After reading yesterday’s blog, It Could Have Gotten Ugly, longtime reader Samantha McBride sent me a message saying she was worried when she read about me being up on a ladder with a power washer. You weren’t the only one who was worried, Samantha. Think how the people I owe money to must have felt!

I was back up on the ladder with the power washer again yesterday, and finished the rest of the front of the house, as well as one side. You wouldn’t think climbing up and down a ladder and pointing the nozzle of the sprayer at the house while I squeezed the handle would be that much work, but this old man was worn out by the time he was done.

And I wasn’t the only one who was tired. While I was doing that, Terry was busy doing yard work. We have several banana palms at the entrance to our driveway and their leaves had turned brown and wilted during the recent cold spell. We thought the frost might have killed them, but they have brand-new green shoots coming up again. So Terry trimmed off all the old dead leaves, as well as trimming back the flowers and bushes that grow in the front and side of the house.

We have a couple of trees next to our garage, and one had gotten so large that it was rubbing against the side of the building. We cut back the offending branches and Terry trimmed and cleaned a lot of smaller branches and bushes in that area.

Comedian Bill Engvall won fame and fortune with his Here’s Your Sign routines, where he replies to dumb questions with snarky answers, and then says, “here’s your sign” while showing a sign that says “stupid.” I was wishing I had one of Bill’s signs to pass out while I was doing the power washing. A fellow came by, watched me for a couple of minutes, and then asked, “Is that a power washer?” I really wanted to tell him “No, it’s a really, really powerful squirt gun.” He followed up his first dumb question with another one when he asked, “Are you power washing your house?” I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying, “No, we’re thinking about adopting three or four kids, so I’m watering the house to see if I can grow an extra bedroom or two.” Yep, here’s your sign!

(In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that while Miss Terry was proofreading the original draft of today’s blog, I was in the bathroom taking my nightly meds and supplements when I dropped a pill on the floor. I quickly bent down to retrieve it and smacked my forehead on the vanity top hard enough that it left a welt and Terry heard it in the other room. Where’s my sign?”)

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Thought For The Day – I listen to you talk and I can’t help but wonder if you get half off the regular price when you go to a mind reader?

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  3 Responses to “The Snowbirds Are Back”

  1. Sorry about your head but that story made me laugh, thanks! Max.

  2. You make me feel really good Nick, that there’s someone out there as coordinated as I seem to be. In spite of all the warnings, I still climb ladders too. I just try to be extra extra careful!!

  3. Yeah, well, if I stand up under the freezer door and wonder how it can hurt so much to hit the top of my head on it, I’ll need a really big sign.

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