Making Some Headway

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Feb 242018

I think we’re making some headway with my back problems but it seems like it’s two steps forward and one step back. After going back to the chiropractor on Tuesday and getting an adjustment, I was still experiencing some tenderness but nothing compared to the pain I had been dealing with for five days. In fact I didn’t take any of the pain meds for about 24 hours. I was beginning to feel like things would get back to normal, but as it turned out, I was wrong.

Wednesday night I apparently moved my body wrong and whatever the chiropractor had put back in place slipped out and I was dealing with excruciating pain again. Terry had me lay on the bed and massaged castor oil into my back, and suddenly we both felt and heard a pop and she had put it back where it belonged! Almost instantly the pain level went from a solid 10 down to maybe a 3. How cool is that!

Well, not so cool, because a few hours later it went out again. So yesterday I was back at the chiropractor and she was able to align things again. Now I’m alternating between ice packs and a heating pad, and using a TENS unit, and as long as I don’t make any sudden movements things are not too bad.

If you’re not familiar with what a TENS unit is, TENS is for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Basically it’s a battery-operated device that sends a electrical pulses to pads you stick on your skin, which relaxes your nerves and muscles. The one I have works fine and has been good for me when I have sore muscles or back pain.

The only negative to it is that the pads on the skin are connected to the unit with wires, and I was always catching them on something. So I decided to order a wireless unit from Amazon. They work the same way, except that there are no wires connecting the pads to the unit. Electrical impulses are sent wirelessly. After doing some research, the Icy Hot wireless TENS unit looked like the best choice, and I ordered one.

I wasn’t too impressed when I opened the box it came in and saw this. I don’t know whose Band-Aid wrapper this was, but it was kind of gross to find it stuck to the unit. I was hurting so bad I decided to try it out anyhow, and quickly decided it doesn’t have nearly as much power as the wired unit I’ve been using all along. So it’s going back. I wonder if I should send the Band-Aid wrapper with it?

The weather here has been beautiful, in the low 80s every day, perfect for fishing or boating, but I’ve been hurting too bad to even go down to the dock to visit with the manatees and dolphins. But my neighbor Chris Fisher walks down there just about every day. Here’s a picture he took of a boat with a lot of solar panels going by. We have met quite a few people who have lived fulltime on their boats, just like fulltime RVers do. I wonder what boaters call it when they spend time not hooked up to shore power in a marina? Are they dry boating? Waterdocking? Inquiring minds want to know.

There was a thread in an online RV forum the other day from somebody saying they had started fulltiming, towing a small pickup truck behind their motorhome. They said even though they have an auxiliary braking system that is supposed to stop the dinghy if it ever comes loose from the tow bar, they find themselves checking the backup camera all the time to make sure it’s still there.

We did that too, when we first started fulltiming. For the last seven years or so that we were on the road we towed a tan Ford Explorer behind our Winnebago. Twice we were going down the interstate when an Explorer just like ours passed us. Both times we had a moment of panic, wondering if it had come loose, even though we have an Air Force One braking system that will stop it if it ever does. We were always relieved to look in the backup camera monitor and see that it was still there. How many of you have done the same thing?

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Thought For The Day – The goal is to die with memories, not dreams.

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  6 Responses to “Making Some Headway”

  1. Technomadia, part time bus nuts and part time boaters, talk about their boat being on the hook. No they are not taking about lot lizards. It appears to mean anchoring out somewhere away from a landline.

  2. It always gives me a big scare when I look in the backup camera and don’t see my jeep. It’s because my turn signal is on and I’m looking down the side of the rig. Doesn’t matter, it still scares me every time!!

  3. Most common phrases for boater’s equivalent of boondocking are “anchored out” and “on the hook”.

  4. Your worry about the toad coming loose reminded me when Larry was with his brother who was pulling a utility trailer with a new dog house in it. They were on an expressway and all the sudden they looked over and saw the trailer and dog house passing them! The trailer slowed down by itself and stopped. They stopped and rehooked and got home safely.

  5. My little 13 foot fiberglass trailer pulls (most of the time) like there is nothing there at all, and I really have to concentrate to remember I have that extra thing behind!

  6. Nick: I’ve been following a sailing forum (CruisersSailingForum) and a Trawler Forum (TrawlerForum). Lots of full-timers (called “liveaboards”). When away from a port or marina, they often refer to “anchoring out” in addition to “being on the hook” like Chris & Cherie.

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