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Picture this, me standing on a stepladder on our concrete driveway with a power tool in my hand. What could possibly go wrong? This is when you have to ask yourself, “where are the adults?”

If you live in Florida, (or Washington, Oregon, or other places with a lot of rain), eventually your house is going to start accumulating mildew stains on the exterior. It’s just a fact of life. And eventually you, or somebody else, is going to have to power wash the place. That was my chore yesterday.

I’m not sure if or when the person we bought our house from ever bothered to power wash it, but given some of the other neglect we have seen, I doubt it. Since Terry’s parents will be here visiting us this coming week, we have been trying to spruce the place up a bit in anticipation of their arrival. So yesterday afternoon I bought some cleaning chemical, got out my handy dandy Karcher K 2.27 pressure washer, and tried to see if I could do any good.

The results were better than I expected, though I had to get up on a stepladder to get to the higher parts. As clumsy as I am, it could have gotten ugly, but but I managed to do so without strangling myself with the hose or falling off and breaking my skull. I got about half of the front of the place done before the no-see-ums came out and starting biting, and hopefully I will get back at it today if the wind isn’t too bad.

Meanwhile, Terry has been on a painting binge. As I said a few days ago, she did the guest bathroom and one wall in the kitchen, and a little hallway/room that separates the front from the rear of the house. Yesterday she painted the living room. Everything originally was kind of an institutional green color, and she’s been using a lighter paint with a bit of blue in it.

She did an excellent job with it, and we are both really pleased. Here’s a shot of the living room from one end, and below it a picture of the entryway. That thing with the arms you see in the second picture is an antique weaving weasel, used for winding yarn.

There are still a couple more rooms Terry wants to paint, but we are running out of time and I’m not sure how much she will get done before her parents arrive on Tuesday. Once the painting is done and our visitors leave, we’ve got a couple more home improvement projects in the works. But I’ll tell you more about those later, when we get closer to having them done.

Here is another funny sign that I think we can all relate to. Do you remember the old days when we actually talked to each other? Good times, huh?

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Thought For The Day – It’s better to have an inferiority complex and be pleasantly surprised than to have a superiority complex and be rudely awakened.

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  5 Responses to “It Could Have Gotten Ugly”

  1. You know they do make training ladders for people like yourself
    It’s either that or you do the redneck thing and back your pick up truck next to the house and stand in the bed
    The no See um came out and were biting you,,, oh boy,,, I’m going to have to remember that one to get out of work
    Well I’m on the subject of you getting out of work. (do a Google search)
    Volusia County Farmers market on 44 on Wednesday has a Swapmeet/farmers market. 18 acres ,,,it’s huge,,,
    If you do go there, hopefully the steam engine museum will be open

  2. I love to power wash! Most favorite chore of the house.

  3. Looking good Miss Terry!!!

  4. You’ve been busy!

  5. Looks great good job painting and sprucing up

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