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Feb 192018

Just a short blog today to give you a quick update. As I mentioned a few days ago, I have lived with chronic back pain for most of my adult life, a result of an injury I got when I was in the Army. It usually flares up a couple of times a year and gives me a few bad days and then eases off to the dull ache that I live with all the time. But for the last several weeks it’s been getting worse and worse.

I went to the VA Medical Clinic in Daytona Beach last week and they gave me muscle relaxers and pain pills, and set me up for some physical therapy, which won’t begin until next month. The pills they gave me didn’t even take the edge off the pain, which continued to increase until the point that when I sat down at my desk on Saturday night to write yesterday’s blog I instantly had a jolt of pure agony so intense that I just about screamed. Or maybe I did scream, I’m not sure.

But I made enough noise that Terry came running to see what was wrong with me. The pain and nausea were so bad that I told her I couldn’t write and asked her to call Greg White and ask him to post something for me, which he did. Thanks Greg, I owe you once again.

It is about 20 feet from my desk through my little office and our bedroom to our bathroom, and with Terry helping me and using a cane, it took almost an hour to get there. Seriously, that’s how slow I was moving. I would take a shuffling step or two and then have to stop and just stand there and wait until the nausea passed and the pain and shaking subsided enough to try again.

Once in the bathroom, Terry had to get in the shower and help me bathe because I could not move. But at least I had my sense of humor, because I remember telling her that in any other situation I might find it erotic. Just not last night.

Yesterday was pretty much staying still as much as possible, except for hobbling to the bathroom and back. With the help of some heavy duty pain meds left over from a medical issue three or four years ago, I was able to get through the day. I really hate taking any kind of drugs, but I was desperate for some relief.

Today I have an appointment with a local chiropractor that comes very highly recommended. If that doesn’t help, I’m going back to the VA and telling them that we have to do something else because what we’ve been doing so far isn’t working.

Thank you all for your blog comments, emails, messages, and good thoughts. I really appreciate them. I’ll keep you updated on how things progress, and hopefully have a full blog for you tomorrow.

Congratulations Michael Massino, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Big Lake Blizzard, the fourth book in my Big Lake mystery series. We had 60 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – Maybe if we overpaid teachers and underpaid rappers there would be smarter kids and less obnoxious music.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you have so much pain. I hope the new chiropractor is able to give you relief.

  2. Hope the chiropractor helps. Good luck!

  3. My sympathies for your pain! I have gout, so I understand pain. Sounds like what you have is even worse! Hope you find relief soon. You’re lucky to have Miss Terry to help you, but I guess you know that. Praying for you, Nick.

  4. I feel your pain Nick. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  5. I hope And pray you get some relief.

  6. My empathy!!

    Time for some serious acupuncture. Helped ME!

  7. Nick, All my life I was a believer in the bone crunchers until last year about this time. I went to a new one recommended here in Palm Desert and after the second treatment I realized that he had hurt me very bad. Severe pain and tingling going down my left arm into my fingers. He had damaged a nerve in my neck and after two trips to the ER and a lot of pills I started to feel a little better, Also had two MRI’s. I will never go to a bone cruncher again. I will never completely heal.

  8. Hi Nick,
    As far as the back goes, “been there, done that!” Take care of yourself and know that in 90% of the cases it gets better. Feeling lucky?

  9. Nick have you tried acupuncture? Worked for my husband. All the best.

  10. I have back problems every once in a while, (also from the service but i can’t prove it), and a couple of years ago it acted up and didn’t go away after a few days like it usually does…..turns out it looks like i had a “mild”, (if there is such a thing as mild!) kidney stone problem. You might want to be checked for that.

  11. We are going on 3 years dealing with Degenerative Disc Disease. Chronic pain is dreadful. In my husband’s case, there is no surgical option, such as a laminectomy to trim bulging discs that impinge the nerves in his spine. He requires Radio Frequency Ablation to basically quarterize the nerve near the spine, thus deadening the pain without crippling or killing him! He has had a lumbar nerve done, in the midst of the 2 sessions for a cervical nerve, and will likely have to go back for another lumbar nerve. The Tucson VA does not perform that procedure, although their Neurologists have looked at all his CTs, MRIs, X-rays, etc. They concur that his best option is a Pain Clinic and the ablation. The VA will hand out opiates like crazy, but they induce intense nausea. Our miracle option has been cannabis, which has been a lifeline. We are always completely open about his use to all our doctors, and they never bat an eye. He now has his Medical Marijuana card here in AZ, and the only advice they give is “We prefer that you eat it, and not smoke it.” I make some dandy fudge!!

  12. Pain Clinic Doctor is the way to go. I get injections into my spine with Cortizone. This past two years I have been using a medication I got in Mexico for Rheumatoid arthritis. It’s called Clonafec/Diclofenaco. Works so well I only take it maybe once or twice a week.

  13. Hope you find a solution.

  14. I am so sorry that you are experiencing this pain and nausea. Praying that you will find relief soon. Thankful that you have Miss Terry to care for you and praying that she will stay well and strong as she supports you through your journey to restored health.

  15. So sorry that your back is out on you, our prayers go out that it will be over soon.

  16. Sorry to hear about your intense back pain and hope it improves soon. Thankful you have the best possible caretaker.

  17. I hope everything is okay I wouldn’t want to miss my salt dose.

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