Jan 262018

When I told my buddy Greg White about the email I received from the supposed hit man who told me I had to pay him a bribe or else he would be assassinating me within a couple of days (see my blog post Will You Miss Me?), Greg immediately became very upset.

Not because his friend was about to bite the dust. No, he was complaining that you just can’t find good help anymore. You get references, check out a hit man’s credentials, hire him, and then he turns around and pulls a stunt like that? Greg said that’s the last time he’s using that guy!

I don’t blame him. I mean, I’m still walking around taking up space and breathing up perfectly good air, and I didn’t send that clown a penny like he demanded. Hey Greg, next time check Angie’s List. Maybe they can find somebody to get the job done right.

Terry’s parents are going to be here for a visit in less than two weeks and she’s been busy getting the house ready for them. A few days ago we switched out the old medicine cabinet and mirror the guest bathroom for a larger, nicer mirror and she painted the bathroom. Then she painted one of the walls in the kitchen, and she still has some painting left she wants to get done before they arrive.

But she needed a break from that, so yesterday we took the day off and spent the day down in Titusville. There is a place where we really like called Wildwood Antique Mall, and we’ve seen several pictures there that we liked. Since we are sadly lacking in wall decor, we stopped there to see what might be available.

We are going with kind of a beach/nautical theme, and we hit the jackpot, coming away with several nice framed pictures, and also this very cool old wooden pulley, which will look good hanging on a wall someplace. Anybody got a ship’s steering wheel or a brass porthole they’re not using?

When we were done at the antique mall, we went to Lowe’s to have them mix up another gallon of paint and picked up a couple of items Terry needed to make the job easier. From there, we stopped at a gun shop because, well, it’s a gun shop. This is one we had passed many times but had not stopped at before. The owner seemed really nice, but there wasn’t a lot that interested me, except a very nice little Ruger Bearcat .22 revolver. I had one of them years ago and always regretted letting it get away from me. They are not all that common, and I have not seen one in probably 30 years. But at $425, I decided I really didn’t need to have another one in my life.

Coming into town, a pretty little red Mustang fastback at a used car lot caught my eye, so I went back to check it out. I consider myself fortunate to have grown up in the age of the American muscle car, when gas was cheap and horsepower was king. I have had a lot of very cool cars in my life, including a 1957 Chevrolet, a couple of vintage Corvettes and a ’58 Chevy pickup that won some trophies in car shows. But my all-time favorite car in the world has always been the Ford Mustang.

The first one I ever saw was a beautiful ’66 fastback that my high school buddy Ray Lear’s father owned, and I was in love with Mustangs from the moment I laid eyes on it. Over the years I’ve owned fourteen ’67 Mustangs, everything from wrecks that I bought to cannibalize for restoration projects, all the way up to show cars. I’ve also owned three or four 1966 pony cars, and a very fast 1969 Mach 1.

But I’ve never been in or driven any of the newer incarnations of the Mustang, and I keep saying I’m going to take one for a test drive someday, just because. The one in Titusville yesterday was a 2007, and it looked pretty good at first glance. But up close it had the flaws that ten years of driving will put on a car. But it did fit me very well! The nice man at the car lot offered to let me take it for a test drive, but our garage is already pretty full, so I decided to just say thank you and go on about my business.

By then it was pushing 5 o’clock, so we stopped at the Irish Pub for dinner. This is a little place on a side street that is very popular with the locals that we discovered a while back. I think they have the best fish and chips I’ve found anywhere, and that’s what I always order. This time around, Terry ordered the shepherd’s pie and said it was delicious. This was the third time we’ve eaten there and we’ve never had a bad meal yet.

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for today. Terry talked about wanting to get some more painting done, and I’ve always got plenty of writing to keep me busy and out from underfoot. Maybe I’ll write another book and make enough money to go drive that Mustang. Or maybe I’d just better write another book and leave it at that.

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  3 Responses to “You Just Can’t Get Good Help Anymore”

  1. That Miss Terry has so much energy!! Think I can borrow her for a little painting in Arizona??

  2. We have 2 nice gun ranges down here in T’ville: Police Hall of Fame indoor pistol range and the Titusville Rifle and Pistol Club outdoor range on 46 west of Mims. Also you should check gun shows as we have some great ones: Melbourne, Orlando and Deland Gun and Knife Show at the Volusia County Fairgrounds on 44 just east of I-4 and 44 intersection. Next Deland Show is March 3 & 4. When we were young we rode off road motorcycle, then as we aged we played golf. Now we are in to guns. Having super fun at the Titusville Rifle and Pistol Club. $100 a year and ladies shoot free on ranges and in fun matches. Hope to see you there.

  3. Well, I like that pulley.

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