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Every so often I contact some of my author friends to see if they have any e-books they are offering for free, and pass the information on to blog readers. Here is the latest batch, sure to give you some good reading

Day Soldiers was selected by Digital Book Today as one of the Best Kindle Books of 2013. This, the first book in my friend Brandon Hale’s Day Soldiers series, tells the story of what happens when a legion of vampires and werewolves declare war on the human race.

The Ghost of Marlow House is the first book in my pal Bobbi Holmes’ popular Haunting Danielle mystery series about a woman who inherits a house on the Oregon Coast that she intends to turn into a bed and breakfast, only to discover that one of the house’s previous owners is still in residence, even though he’s been dead for almost ninety years.

The Abalone Shell, the first book in the Sea Glass Cove contemporary romance series by my friend Susie O’Connell, writing as Maren Ferguson, is about a woman’s journey as she struggles with her guilt over a divorce by spending the summer at her family’s cottage in Sea Glass Cove. Could there be a new love in her future?

A Ghostly Dare is another installment in Zoey and Claire Kane’s popular Z&C cozy mystery series. In this book, Zoey is enlisted to help search for a treasure hunt in a decrepit condemned mansion while being haunted by a babbling ghost.

Harvesting The Hummingbird tells the story of a woman who escapes an abusive husband, a suffocating marriage, and a decade-long fight with PTSD to find happiness and love in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. But what happens when the new man in her life confronts her ex and the violence of her past? Find out in the first book in Scarlett Braden’s Providence in Ecuador series.

The Journey – Spirits of Christmas by Cleve Sylcox is the story of a drifter haunted by the memories of his departed wife and son who left his home and abandoned everything to ride the rails. His journey ends with a heartwarming conclusion fit for the magic of the holiday season.

SODIUM Harbinger is Book 1 in my friend Stephen Arseneault’s popular Sodium science fiction series that takes Man from his first encounter with aliens all the way to a fight for all-out survival and rule of the galaxy.

Girl Fights Back, Book 1 of Jacques Antoine’s exciting Emily Kane Adventure series, introduces readers to a quiet, unassuming young woman with an alarming talent for mayhem when the chips are down and her family is threatened.

The Amazing Morse is the first book in James Rozoff’s Amazing Morse series about a young man who was enthralled with magic, but saw it slip away as he grew up. Then a chance encounter with a spiritualist changed all that. The magic was back, along with mystery and terror that leaves him praying it will end.

Red Hot and Dangerous by Debra S. Sanders combines romance and suspense in the story of a woman who receives a series of ominous threats after a murder and is hidden away in a remote cabin with a sexy Native American detective. Sparks will definitely fly!

JET – Ops Files by Russell Blake chronicles the early years of Maya, who would go on to become the Mossad’s deadliest operative, the assassin known as Jet. If you like plenty of action, you will love the Jet series.

The Hollow Tree at Dead Mule Swamp is Book 2 in Joan H. Young’s Anastasia Raven cozy mystery series set in the upper Midwest that focuses on a woman running from the pain of a failed marriage who hopes to hide from the world in an old farmhouse she has purchased at the edge of Dead Mule Swamp.

So there you go, a dozen free books to suit just about every reading taste there is. Enjoy, and please, don’t forget to leave a review whenever you finish reading a book. It really helps authors in many ways.

Thought For The Day – Have you ever wondered what we will be doing in two years time? I can’t see that far forward, I don’t have 2020 vision.

Nick Russell

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  3 Responses to “You Can’t Beat Free Books!”

  1. Thanks for these lists. I enjoy mystery books and I thought The Ghost of Marlow House was so good I’ve read every one that followed. In fact I just finished her latest book over the weekend. And I’ve enjoyed all of your books also, but I haven’t started the latest yet, I plan to this weekend.

  2. Thanks, Nick! I’ll have to get the other mystery ones.

  3. Thanks again, Nick! I had 15 downloads of the free one today.

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