Dec 052017

It seems like the weather here in central Florida goes from one extreme to the other. Last week we had daytime temperatures in the mid-80s and now we have a cold front headed our way and the weatherman is saying it will bring rain with it and we will be lucky if we hit a high of 60 by the weekend.

Miss Terry finished the first round of editing and proofing my new book and yesterday I finished making the changes she recommended and shipped it off to my second proofreader. With that out of the way, I started writing the first chapter of the next Big Lake book. It won’t be out for a few months yet, but I always like to include the first chapter of the next book in the series when I publish a new release. It gives readers a sample of what is to come.

In other book news, Frank Clem just sent me the first two chapters of the audiobook version of Big Lake Burning to review. Frank tells me he’s about halfway through with editing and ahead of schedule for completion.

While I was doing that, Miss Terry was laying out a new weaving project. When we were fulltime RVers we used to get hitch-itch if we stayed too long in one place. Now, with her big room full of looms, she gets fiber-itch if she goes too long without weaving.

That kept her busy most of the day, though she did stop long enough to make a delicious meal of homemade lasagna. Actually, she made three of them, one to eat last night and two more to go in the freezer for the future.

After dinner we threw a few rounds of darts, and our friend Jim Lewis soundly trounced us like he does most times. I think the only reason Jim introduced us to the game was so that he could beat me at it over and over again. I’m just not very consistent; I can throw three darts that are perfect and hit the target exactly where I’m aiming, and the next three could wind up anywhere. I was that way the few times I’ve tried to bowl, too. I could get a strike with one ball, and then the next three I would roll were all gutter balls. But what the heck, we enjoy throwing darts and I don’t have to rent shoes to do it

I know Terry really wants to work on her project but since today looks like it may be the last decent day we have for a while, I might try to convince her to go kayaking. Folks around here say the fish are really biting right now, and I’d like to try to get a couple of them on the line.

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Thought For The Day – Adults can take a simple holiday for children and screw it up. What began as a presentation of gifts to delight and surprise children around the Christmas tree has culminated in a woman unwrapping six shrimp forks from her dog, who drew her name. – Erma Bombeck

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  4 Responses to “One Extreme To The Other”

  1. Our weather is swinging in MI too. I golfed this past Sunday. I’ll probably shovel this coming Sunday.

  2. oooh – weaving. I’ve done some. Have a small loom in storage. Probably won’t ever get to doing anything else, but such fun!

  3. I am also a RVing weaver. Is Terry on RVillage? I just started a Loom Weavers group on there. I understand that you aren’t on the road anymore. I have a loom with me and 4+ in the studio at the house.

  4. Ann, no she’s not really into social media.

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