Dec 012017

Do you remember when I said in yesterday’s blog that after I got my latest book, Big Lake Snowdaze, out how I planned to goof off for a couple of weeks? I’m not sure how that’s going to work out. As it turns out, I don’t do leisure well.

Yesterday morning I gave the new book a final read-through, made a couple of small changes, then printed it out so Miss Terry could begin editing and proofreading it. That left me with nothing to do, because I don’t have a new issue of the paper to start working on and I don’t like fishing and boating without her with me. And let’s face it, we all know I need adult supervision.

I went out in the garage and walked around in circles for a few minutes, cleaned the windshield on the Chrysler Pacifica, threw a few darts at the board, walked around in circles a couple more times, then came in and watched Terry work. Did you know that watching someone proofreading a manuscript is pretty boring?

So I went into the living room, sat down in my recliner, put my feet up, and tried to watch a couple of TV shows I had recorded. But watching television in the middle day just seems wrong. I know I could never retire, because this little bit of leisure is stressful enough. Terry says once she’s done proofing the book and she’s free to play, too, it will be better. I sure hope so.

About 3:30 in the afternoon we had company. Longtime readers and friends Larry and Joyce Space were passing through the area and had written and asked if we had time for a visit. We will always make time to visit with friends!

Larry and Joyce are two of the most adventurous people I know. When they are not hanging out in their cabin on a lake in Vermont, they are exploring the world in their custom van conversion. They’ve camped and explored Europe, Spain, Australia, driven down to Panama, and now they’re going to put the van on a ship bound for South America and fly down to meet it and spend some time south of the equator.

With world travelers like that, we didn’t feel our modest little home on Florida’s Intercoastal Waterway could compare. But they seemed to like it quite a bit. Larry grew up on the water, fishing and crabbing on Long Island Sound, and seemed to take quite a liking to our area.

Here’s a picture I took of Miss Terry, Larry, and Joyce on our fishing pier, which is almost rebuilt after being destroyed in Hurricane Irma.

I saw a medium-sized skate in the water next to the pier and Joyce took a picture with her phone. It was a little hard to see in the original picture that she sent to me later, but I put it in Photoshop and hit auto contrast, and this is the finished result. Folks tell me these are pretty good eating, though we haven’t tried it yet.

Our friends left about 5 o’clock, and in an e-mail Joyce sent me later, she said Larry was still drooling. I pointed out a couple of places for sale to them just down the street from us. I even suggested that if they wanted to bring their pontoon boat down from Vermont, I would make sure it was well taken care of in their absence. Yeah, I’m that kind of guy.

Thanks for stopping in Larry and Joyce, it was a real treat for us!

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Thought For The Day – Dear Santa, for Christmas I want a fat bank account and a thin body. Please don‘t confuse the two like you did last year.

Nick Russell

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  2 Responses to “I Don’t Do Leisure Well”

  1. Welcome to my world. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wandered the halls of the house looking for something to do. I don’t do leisure very well either!!

  2. I do active leisure pretty well- give me a big hike any day.

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