Dec 132017

You may remember that after I finished Big Lake Snowdaze I said I was going to take some time to just goof off for a while before starting my next book. Then, a day or two later I posted a blog titled I Don’t Do Leisure Well in which I said that goofing off just didn’t seem to work for me. I was restless and didn’t know what to do with myself.

It doesn’t help that we’ve had a cold front come through that has made it too chilly to do anything outside like fishing or kayaking, combined with very strong winds yesterday that rocked our whole house.

Looking for some way to keep myself occupied, I sent out my author’s newsletter to my subscribers yesterday, including the announcement that Sue Waggoner was the winner of the drawing for a Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader. If you’d like a subscription to the free newsletter, just send me your email address. It only comes out a few times a year when I have something important to announce, and I also share news and information about some my writing projects, and some of things that my author friends are up to. And I never share your contact information with anyone.

With that chore out of the way, I still had to find some way to keep busy and keep out from underfoot while Miss Terry was trying to set up a new project on her big Glimakra loom. So I spent some time going through my computer deleting files, running virus scans, and busywork like that.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I caved in. I opened the file on my next John Lee Quarrels book, read through my notes to refresh my mind on where the story is going to go, or at least where I think it’s going to go, and decided to get to work on it. Yeah, I don’t do leisure well.

As it turned out, just about the time I opened Dragon NaturallySpeaking to begin working on the new book, my friend Jim Lewis showed up looking for a game of darts. Okay, let’s try that instead. I don’t know if Jim was having a really bad day, or if he was just letting me win, but I beat him three games in a row before he won the fourth one. Jim is so much better at throwing darts than I am that I suspect the latter. I do beat him occasionally, maybe one game out of 15 or 20, so this was a memorable day.

After a few hours working on her loom, Terry stopped and made a delicious dinner of chicken flautas, homemade corn chips, and homemade refried beans. It was her first attempt at making flautas, and like everything else she cooks, they were amazing.

Since a lot of blog readers tell me they like the funny signs I’ve been posting occasionally, here’s another one for you. I think some of our friends and relatives up north would agree with the sentiment.

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Thought For The Day – I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included.

Nick Russell

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  5 Responses to “I Can’t Take It Anymore!”

  1. I’m curious about the name of that church.

  2. I have a trail worn in the floor from pacing around looking for something to do. That IS a very interesting church! Love the sign.

  3. Greg has been reading Big Lake Snowdaze. We have always took turns reading his most recent book, waiting til the other one is thru so it doesn’t get confusing with the most recent page read. Well, he needs to finish the book soon. It is apparently laugh out loud funny, and sometimes he’ll start to read a part then stops since that would be a spoiler alert. Must be a really good book…

  4. Yes, Nick, your book __Big Lake Snowdaze__ is a true winner. I’ve read several of your books and they are all intriguing, entertaining and hard to put down. But that creates a problem when I only start to read it late in the day. Duh, CC start in the morning….on an anticipated slow day.

    Especially liked the interactions (separate, of course), mid-book w/Anthony Hurley and AH, Jr. Way-to-go Nick. Thanks

    Merry Christmas to you & Terry, your book readers and frequent blog-responders.

  5. see -s
    Churches and schools named after them in the Catholic Church.

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