Dec 102017

I’ve been working hard to make the final corrections to my new Big Lake book, so instead of boring you with the details of that, today I thought I’d share some RV quick fix products that we find useful and can come in handy in many ways.

Back at Thanksgiving I told you about a panicked email from a blog reader telling me that they had a leak in their fifth wheel’s gray water tank and nobody was available to work on it until after the holiday weekend. I recommended he get some J-B Weld WaterWeld, which is a putty-like substance that we used to repair a leak in our motorhome’s black tank a couple of years ago. I heard from him a few days later saying that he had bought some and it worked fine, stopping the leak almost instantly.

Something else we have used for leak repair is Eternabond. It is a super sticky tape type material that can be used on everything from a leaky RV roof to a water tank. When the plastic radiator refill reservoir on our Winnebago developed a large crack, I was appalled at how much a replacement cost. So we took my buddy Greg White‘s advice and slapped some Eternabond on it. No more leaks!

Another item every RVer should have in his or her fix-it arsenal is Rescue Tape. It would take a month to list all of the things this amazing silicone tape can do. Have you got a leaking water hose or sewer hose? No problem, it will seal it in a jiffy! Got a wire harness that is sagging? Wrap it up with Rescue Tape!

A few years ago a section of our Winnebago’s fiberglass fender right in front of the wheel well came loose. Investigation revealed that whatever adhesive Winnebago uses to attach the panel had failed. We used double-sided 3M automotive molding tape to secure the panel, and never had a problem again.

And let’s not forget Strike Hold. I’ve told you about this amazing product before, and I still swear by it. Originally developed for the military to protect weapons from sand, Strike Hold is a cleaner, lubricant, protector, and de-moisturizer. I always used it when I plugged my 50 amp electric cord into a campground’s utility hookup and it made it a snap to unplug when we were ready to leave. It’s also comes in handy to clean up electrical connections around the motorhome and house, and at least a dozen other applications I can think of.

None of these are very expensive, but they can save you a lot of time and money by not having to call a mobile RV tech to fix a simple problem, or not taking your home on wheels into a shop. Do yourself a favor and stock up now so you will have them when you need them. And trust me, if you spend much time roaming around this great country of ours in an RV, sooner or later, you will need them.

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  3 Responses to “5 RV Quick Fix Products”

  1. Nice post!
    “Stock up now” is excellent advice, when you need to patch the rubber roof or fix a leaking hose and you need to do it now because the rain is coming or it’s 20 miles to town it’s good to have it on hand.

  2. Thank you for letting me know about the automotive moulding tape. The bottom of the door panel on my daily driver car has come lose and this looks like just the product I need to fix it.

  3. I will remember this post. In fact, I’m going to bookmark it in my Trailer folder. I think some of these products will be in my future. I “met” you after I’d put my project to bed for the winter, but I’m completely refurbing a 13 foot fiberglass trailer, and often posted on the progress.

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