Veterans Day

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Nov 112017

Before I do anything else today I want to thank all of my fellow veterans and our active duty military for their service to our country and to say Welcome Home. It’s because of men and women like you, citizens who are willing to leave their home and their families to serve our country, that the rest of us can live in peace today and sleep safely in our beds tonight.

Nobody ever joined the service because they wanted to die for their country. But millions of them have. Nobody ever put on the uniform expecting to come home maimed. But millions of them have. Nobody ever raised their right hand and took the oath to protect their country and imagined that they were signing up for a lifetime of waking up from nightmares of scenes no Hollywood horror movie could ever portray. But millions of them do.

And for those of you who never wore our country’s uniform, I know you’ve heard it many times before, but it applies today even more than any other day of the year – if you love your freedom, thank a vet. Without the sacrifices made by our military members past and present, you and I would not have the freedoms we enjoy and all too often take for granted.

And while you are thanking that vet, thank his or her family members, too. If you’re married to or are the child of a plumber or an accountant or a small business owner, you live a pretty normal life. But the families of military people often live as single parent households while Dad (or Mom) is on deployment. Birthdays and holidays are missed. Family events and problems are dealt with alone. And they never know when that staff car might pull up and a couple of somber officers and a chaplain will come to their door.

And, in honor of Veterans Day, today through Monday we are sending our Overnight Camping With The VFW guide to any VFW members who want one for free. It lists VFW posts nationwide that allow traveling VFW members to park overnight for free or a small donation. Again, this guide is free to VFW members for a limited time only. To request a copy, email me at

Many companies are thanking veterans today in very visible ways with free meals and special discounts. Here is a link to a list of businesses honoring our nation’s veterans today.  

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Thought For The Day – How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! – Maya Angelou

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  1. Thanks for recognizing the families, too. Having Dave be in Viet Nam for our first Christmas then wedding anniversary was the worst of it, though, since he came home alive and whole (the other three holes being in his leg). We are blessed.

  2. With me being an Army “Brat” as the children were called, I can remember the years during W.W.II that my father was overseas. During one Christmas season, we children didn’t realize it, but my mother had not heard from Dad for several weeks which became a terrible burden on her. Then one night came that knock on the door, When my mother answered it, there was our Dad, standing there asking “Can I come in?”
    Oh, what a joyous time! As it turned out, during wartime the government had stopped all communications going both ways until the ships had landed in port because all troops were transported by ships at that time. WE, at least, had a happy “knock on the door”.

  3. Well said. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your service!

  5. In Canada we call this Remembrance Day but it means the same to honor those who have sacrificed so the rest of us can enjoy our lives.
    Thank You for your service Nick>
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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